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    Defense skill not capped

    take off your avoidvance and defence gear and let mobs hit you. its a bug. but that is how you would fix that
  2. buckshaq

    Can't skill engeneering

    I already confirmed the scope doesn't drop already told you it was posted on github
  3. buckshaq

    Can't skill engeneering

    they will be very good at time of release. patch 2.1
  4. buckshaq

    Can't skill engeneering

    open tickets on GitHub. note khorium scope ticket is already open. you need to get with a GM for the mote extractor. Help yourselves and use the GitHub site.
  5. don't think this drops from razorclaw its from the other demon at annihilator
  6. buckshaq

    Hunters Traps are Bugged in TBC!!

    pretty sure this is not a bug. takes a couple seconds to activate in tbc. gotta plan your traps ahead
  7. what is considered a bank alt, I have in total 5 characters. at the moment I have two 60s, a 43,35 and 24. Realistically the ones below 60 serve as banks. would I be able to transfer all 5 at once?
  8. what is being said is that you can level it to 70 as horde and then faction transfer. no reason to sit on it at 60 until you are able to faction transfer.
  9. buckshaq

    How do I do TBC?

    it is watched. just not 24/7 like a hawk