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  1. scorv

    My character gone

    Scorv - it's my login in game and name my character
  2. scorv

    My character gone

    Thank You so much for not ignore my problem and your with this. I'll be waiting
  3. scorv

    My character gone

    On Real Nighthaven --Shop-Character Restore have no deleted characters. To sum up all the facts: Acoount name it's same - Scorv. I still can log in on Lightbringer and play my character. In WTF-->Account i still see SCORV Anathema then this is my account and i have not forgotten account name. If you see this chcarcter can u back to my account? I can pay for this operations if it's possible
  4. scorv

    My character gone

    Control Panel Shop Services Restore character Deleted characters Deleted characters on realm Nighthaven : On the realm Nighthaven you have no deleted characters But in Lightbringer i still see and can play him
  5. scorv

    My character gone

    I was remember last time after Anathema down my account not exist. I dont know what's happen and then i was create new same name Scorv account. On Lightbringer i saw my rogue and i still see this character (no chance to another account) but here it's empty.
  6. scorv

    My character gone

    Can you aswer for my post up?
  7. scorv

    My character gone

    This character it's no my. Someone have same name. At Lightbringer i still can play my old Rogue from Anathema but can't play on Elysium Nightheaven. This is my Rogue from Anathema at this account
  8. scorv

    My character gone

    When i log in control panel i don't see any characters. I'ts a problem but i was play Rogue 26 lev Scorv name
  9. scorv

    My character gone

    Hello. I have been character rogue on Anathema long time ago and now on Nightheaven i don't have back thic charr. My friends character back up here but my gone. On Landscape i still see him but i need him here. Please back me my rogue
  10. scorv

    Account info incorrect/ not valid

    My account deleted? i had account previously on Elysium (Scorv) but now i was create new. old not exiist? i don't know what's happen with my old account. Now i must leveling from beggining my rogue? Just moment i was created new accound same login name like in august