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    World PvP

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents. This is not a vanilla experience, at least in the 2004-2006 aspect. It's a great recreation overall but the honor system with no bg's is broken. In 2004-2006, the game wasn't "solved", there were no BiS lists. Most people still went for dungeon sets before raids. Now, the best gear, best specs, and fastest way to acquire them is pretty much figured out, which includes honor. As far as wpvp goes, it really sucks. I don't see why people should be consistently rewarded for zerging people that have no chance to fight back. The server population at 60 is clearly imbalanced and it's being abused to farm honor. If it was more even perhaps it wouldn't be so bad but that is not the case. I'm okay with wpvp raids slowing me down every once in a while and I can handle losing a fair fight but right now every major transportation hub and high population areas are farmed and unless you're able to get enough people to help you kill them (which isn't going to happen cause everyone has other things they need to do) you're screwed.
  2. cajo3

    server problem???

    Same can't connect.
  3. I prefer vanilla to TBC, so obviously I would prefer a slower progression to keep the real vanilla for as long as possible. TBC is still better than retail though and I would continue to play here if Classic is still not released, but would very much appreciate a vanilla realm option when TBC is launched.
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    Lost bag randomly

    I also have the same problem. I got a 10 slot bag from the Wailing Caverns quest and it's gone after I logged back in. I also lost the 99-Year-Old-Port quest item after looting it not as big a deal since I can do the quest again but still a nuisance.