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  1. Some General Questions about Nighthaven

    Mob Behavior in the world and in dungeons is Blizzlike, from aggro range to damage. No pathing issues found yet (Level 20) Very few Gold spammers (I personally report every account I see and usually get a GM response very quickly) Blizzard Spawn rate, right now there is a healthy population in every questing area so Grouping is the most common solution I think its fine. Hope it helps, been playing for about a week Horde Side.
  2. PvE

    Tauren Warrior here, Rolling for PVE goals Cleared most of the content during Vanilla hoping to finish off what I missed.
  3. NA players

    Darkflame, Horde Warrior!
  4. Any dungeon discords? [H]

    Add me up in game Darkflame lvl 10 warrior we are powerleveling with a lvl 10 druid.
  5. Pop

    Hello Everyone, Good to meet you all, I will be joining the Horde ranks. First time trying a private server. I am an old school Vanilla player. Will be looking forward to grouping or ganking you throughout the upcoming days. cheers,