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  1. Good morning Blacktari, Our rogue core is very constant at the moment. We are always looking for skilled and dedicated players. Core spots for certain encounters are based purely on raid composition and performance. We might have a spot for you for ZG and MC once you have completed your Prebis in order to secure spot you would need to constantly out perform one of our core rogues. regards,
  2. Right now we have a very competitive Fury Core, If you want to come on we would have you as a trial. Keep in mind that you would need to consistently beat our core to earn a spot in there :) PM Darkflame#7553
  3. Good afternoon, Is this able to address some of the US East Coast lag related issues with the AT&T provider? regards,
  4. Darkflame

    WTB Cloudkeeper Leggings Horde

    Purchased Horde side 930g thank you for your help!
  5. <Snicklefritz> A semi-hardcore (NA) guild focused towards raiding. Currently 10/10 MC 1/1 Ony 8/8 BWL is open for recruitment on all classes, we run a DKP/EPGP loot system. Please contact Darkflame or Twerk in game or contact me through this forum. Note: We are only taking people with their Full PreBIS. Raid times 8-11pm CST Tuesday/Thursday
  6. Darkflame

    Busco hermandad Horda

    La Taverna del Murloc!