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    Nighthaven replaced with Stratholme?

    Thanks for clarification :) I hope it all gets fixed soon
  2. Samtheman2404

    Nighthaven replaced with Stratholme?

    If there is no sign of Nighthaven coming back online does that mean we would need to transfer our characters over to Stratholme? Or is Nighthaven now becoming a TBC server?
  3. Samtheman2404

    Nighthaven replaced with Stratholme?

    I've reading other posts and it seems other people have the same issue when connecting to Nighthaven, so I assume its not being replaced since people who transfer characters over to Stratholme are coming from other private servers.
  4. Went to logon on this morning and couldn't connect to the Nighthaven server, when I went to view the realm list Stratholme was up. So does that mean Nighthaven is no longer available or just isn't working at the moment?
  5. Samtheman2404

    Cannot Login

    Thanks for this information guys, I had the same problem and now it's been sorted :)
  6. Samtheman2404

    Can't login

    I have the same issue, I don't know what's causing it but apparently the realmlist file needs to be changed. You can learn more with the connection guide, but I can't seem to find the guide.
  7. Samtheman2404

    Disconnected from server

    If failing to change the realmlist file is the case of me still be unable to connect then why wasn't it mentioned on the guide to download the client and get it to launch properly?
  8. I recently created a new account and downloaded the client launcher for the private server but it does not let me log and it says "Disconnected from server" is this because the servers are down or is my account invalid?