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    Summoning Shadra lost quest

    Hah! I just got a response from one of your GM's with no name attached in the in-game mail. "Greetings! Make a ticket once online." So now we've gone full circle.....
  2. Guivre

    Summoning Shadra lost quest

    I re-opened a ticket the same time as this post. I didn't receive any feedback from the original GM, so I couldn't tell you who handled it. No letter in the mail like normal. Nothing. no response.
  3. I made a ticket about this yesterday. Seems it was deleted without response. I turned in the quest prior and leading up to the quest "Summoning Shadra", to Master Gadrin. I was offered the "Summoning Shadra" quest. When clicking accept- it gave me the error sound and a system notification that "you do not meet the requirements for this quest". (although clearly I am within level range, and finished prerequisits). The quest is no longer offered to me from Master Gadrin, and is NOT in my quest log. If someone could help reset the quest for me? or hell, just give me the shield in the following quest after Summoning Shadra- its all I'm really after. But being disallowed to complete a quest chain i'm already almost completely through, feels bad. And before I get a toss aside answer from a GM, I already turned off every addon, reloaded the game and tried to talk to him that way. Same results.