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  1. updated! looking for a dwarf priest and exceptional fury!
  2. updated class needs. need a god lock for BWL progression!
  3. <Mediocre> About Us: <Mediocre> is led by an extremely experienced player, both in retail and the private server scene. Dependable, transparent leadership coupled with policies that promote healthy competition and community is what sets us apart. Don't settle for average. Years of private server experience in Vanilla MC/Ony/BWL/ZG/AQ20|40 completion, Naxx ~80% (50% on retail) Years of competitive arena experience S2|3|6|8|10 gladiator titles Solid RBG success HoTA, 2600 rated Dependable, helpful and friendly GM that will build an enjoyable community for you to bide your time until official servers. Progression: Molten Core: 10/10 Onyxia's Lair: 1/1 Blackwing Lair: 4/8 Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PST) Loot System: We are going to use a DKP system to handle all loot in our raids. It's built to be both transparent and award our members for improving and succeeding each and every raid week. A static amount of DKP (+5) will be earned for each boss kill (+10 for progression kills). Bonus DKP (+5) will be given for being on-time to each raid. 10% decay per week, applied on Wednesday. Standby DKP is awarded for people without a spot, but online and available at a moment's notice. If a standby is called upon and non-responsive for 5 minutes, they will forfeit all standby DKP earned that night unless prior warning was given to leadership. Minimum 5 DKP per bid. Minimum DKP-bid increase of 5 (if available). Bids that would put a member negative are not permitted. Non-integer bids are not allowed. In the event of a DKP-bid tie it will go to a /roll. Items not bid on, will be disenchanted and deposited in the guild bank. Legendaries will be decided solely by the GM, based on the following factors: Individuals' contributions to the guild, including those outside of scheduled raid times. Individuals' performance relative to other candidates Interest in receiving the legendary (farming mats, express the interest to the GM, etc) Benefit to the raid Rank System: Our ranks are meant to promote healthy competition and improvement within our raid. Alt: Uses the same DKP pool as their main. Bringing an alt to a raid must be approved by leadership before doing so. Social: Can apply at any time to Trial Trial: Can only bid a maximum of 50 DKP on a single item, unless the only other bidders are also Trial rank. Leadership will review the state of each trial bi-weekly and do one of the following: Promote to Member. Remain at Trial with private feedback on how to improve. Member: Leadership will review the state of each member bi-weekly and do one of the following: Promote to Raider. Remain at Member with private feedback on how to improve. Raider: Leadership will review the state of each raider bi-weekly and do one of the following: Promote to Core. Remain at Raider with private feedback on how to improve. Weekly DKP decay reduced from 10% to 9%. Core/Officer/GM: Core rank must maintain 90% raid attendance to maintain rank. Weekly DKP decay reduced from 10% to 7.5%. PvP: We encourage people to participate in organized PvP, and will be forming regular premades for BGs and/or world PvP. Contact/Information: Discord: Jaxrs#2231 In-game: Please contact Jaxrs, Boax, or Guinness in-game for more information. Class Needs: Warrior - [ Low ] Druid - [ Low ] Paladin - [ Low ] Priest - [ High (Dwarf) ] Mage - [ Low ] Warlock - [ Low ] Hunter - [ Low ] Rogue - [ Low ]
  4. Updated class needs. Healers especially desired.
  5. Still recruiting for our 40-man core! Plan to start raiding before the new year.
  6. @Dominozx Hey man. Thanks for the interest. Hit me up in discord, Jaxrs#0450 and let's chat. -Jaxrs
  7. Over 10 people at 60 now, many more getting close. Join us!