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  1. Hast du Beweise, das das welche von uns waren? Wenn Mitglieder unserer Gilde dich mit Hordecharas dauercampen dann sag bitte direkt der Gildenleitung Bescheid mit Screenshots oder anderen Nachweisen das das wirklich einer von uns war, ansonsten unterlass es bitte solche Kommentare hier zu posten, danke.
  2. UPDATE: I am, for now, not looking anymore.
  3. Thank you guys :) Update, still looking. Killed Onyxia.
  4. I AM CURRENTLY NOT LOOKING ANYMORE, THANK YOU. Greetings everyone! As the title suggests I am looking for a raid group. The important thing here, I do not wish to change guilds. I am sadly unable to raid with my own guild as their raiding schedule doesn't suit me. I can either be a Healer or a caster DPS and am fully pre BiS geared including enchants on both specs, though my main spec is Restoration. I have been playing WoW on the official server since Vanilla, though haven't started raiding until WotLK. On Nighthaven I have killed Onyxia and my MC experience is 10/10. My availability is as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:30/8pm to midnight GMT. I cannot start sooner than that but I can extend on Friday and Saturday due to it being the weekend. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message on the forums or contact me ingame on Kerilin.
  5. presea90

    Tribal Leatherworking

    Hello This bug is known and has been reported by another player on github as well as by myself on Discord, on both platforms a GM has acknowledged the issue. They will fix it whenever they can.
  6. presea90

    More PvE realms

    I think you have a lot more people supporting a PvE realm after the disaster that is 1.4... Horde camping mid 50s + Alliance camps/FPs and even the bloody Spirit Healers, I cannot move 5 minutes without being killed. This is absolutely horrible and killing my interest in the game. Please, give us a PvE server, thank you. p_p
  7. presea90

    Devilsaur Pattern unlearnable.

    I see. Thank you Fulzamoth, I will keep my patterns and wait for it to be fixed. :)
  8. presea90

    Devilsaur Pattern unlearnable.

    Is this also the case for the gauntlet pattern? When I link both the leggings and the gauntlet patterns in guild chat it says "Tribal" leatherworking for me and anyone with the English client but "Dragonscale" for those in another language.
  9. Greetings, I've just tried to do the quest [The Giant Guardian] in Feralas but the NPC (Shay) is bugged. Been standing at her spawn point (38/10) for about half an hour and seen her spawn and immediately despawn before I could even move the mouse to click her a handful of times. This has been confirmed by other players ingame, nobody I have asked was able to complete this quest.