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  1. The lead post in this Reddit makes a very informed comment: reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/7twwlt/vanillagaming_just_became_classicdb/ db.vanillagaming.org/ now points to classicdb.ch. Currently looks like a placeholder, without any of the old site transferred over. Interestingly, whomever it was, they registered through a Swiss intermediary to keep their name out of the public registry 'whois'. Looks to me like someone smart is going to become rich in about a year.
  2. Ratfink

    Rogue's sap

    Even after spending 3 points on said talent there's still a 10% chance for stealth to break on sap. Rawr vanilla!!!
  3. Agree 100% with Shomiehawn. You are at least as big an asshole as the other guy, maybe even worse due to the fact that you think genuinely think you were the better man in this exchange.
  4. The loot may have looked like a 'Rogue' book but we all know it was really a "HUNTR WEPN!!!!"
  5. This is complete garbage OP. Where did you get your 50/60g by level 40 estimate? From your ass, that's where. A clear case of 96.43827% of all statistics are made up on the spot. My method to make money on the run up to 40 is to grind your levels in an area THEN do the quests when they are green for the rewards. Gathering professions make money too. Sod the manufacturing profs until max level as they usually cost you money to level before then. Grind, grind, grind - loot everything. Vendor all greys (some greys vendor for a surprisingly high amount of silver), auction everything else (use auctioneer add on to get best prices). If you put a bit of effort in then you'll have your mount at 40, no problem.
  6. Ratfink

    Extremely high ping?

    Same for me - seems like a server issue