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  1. Thorgaaz

    How does Character Auction work?

    Still no answer? So absolutely nobody knows how it works or what happened? For Clarification i did Create another Char, while she was on Auction since i didnt thought she would come back. So maybe thats what was wrong? Still i didnt expect her to be gone, but instead maybe beeing shown as inactive or something like that. Some explaination on the Auction site would be very helpful. Also tried to trade with Gold too. Didnt recieve Gold back but also no Tokens. Auction ended.
  2. Hi, some Time ago i gave one Character (Cuttja, Warrior) into the Auction on the Website. Didnt recieve any Coins, so i assumed that I need to wait for someone to Buy it. Today i checked the site again, and still recieved no coins. But it also doesnt show the Character in the Auction. So, what happened? She is still somewhere since it shows her on Nightheaven when i use the search option. But she is not considered my Character anymore. So did someone Buy her? Is the Auction Timed and she is in some Kind of Limbo room? What is going on? Greetings: Tobias
  3. Thorgaaz

    Rare Spawn.... Bots?

    True i try to kill Prince Nadjek for Hours and he never lives. I´ve even been swimming around alone once, until suddenly i hear battle-sounds watching someone to kill him. Even so i´ve never seen the mob or the Player before and i passed that area 1 minute ago. (Again i was still in hearing the Battlesounds range when it started)
  4. Thorgaaz

    Invalid Information

    Whenever i try to login, i have an 80% chance to get the message invalid Information. Often i can fix this by purposly entering wrong Information, so the next time i enter the real ones, it works. But Computer shouldnt work this way. And it seems to get worse. Any Idea whats wrong?
  5. Thorgaaz

    How to move Characters

    I did it. Big thanks. Lightshope works perfectely. Strangely the Server is even called Darrowshire (which was the one i played on before) I really dont know what exactely goes on, this seems like an identical copy of good old darrowshire. But I´m really glad about its existence.
  6. Ok, so now Stratholme is closing and we switch to another server again. Fine. I cant really understand that, because he was on WAY too shortely, i mean after over a month of waiting its yust natural that it needs time until all old players get the message. And even if they dont return, you just need to become popular again. But ok, i understand and respect the decision even if I not really agree with it. But now to the Question. How does the Character transfer works? I tried restoration again, but it just told me, that it already was restored. So im stuck again with Invisible Characters on Testrealm. Sooo..... what do i have to do? Is another Charactertransfer even planned yet? I really hope so. By the way I already can tell you now, if this needs weeks again, or if Character restoration is not even available, you already can close that Server too. Because even the few remaining people dont look every day anymore if they have have to wait that long. Sorry. I do understand that you´re busy and i do understand that servers arent free, but i really hope for the life of this project that we can play with our old characters soon again. This is not yust crying, this is what i believe is the sad truth. Greetings: Thorgaaz
  7. Thorgaaz

    Characters doesnt appear on the Server

    Alright, i renamed the lowest one for testing and after that she had her stuff back. So I guess its really just the Namedoubling caused from the serverfusion. So i just start the big Renaming fun after all. In the end I got the chars back alive and everything seems working. So.. lets enjoy the Game. Greetings: Thorgaaz
  8. Thorgaaz

    Characters doesnt appear on the Server

    Of cause the name issue can be caused by the servermelting too if multiply characters had the same name, but that doesnt explain the Itemloss. So it might be something different too.
  9. Thorgaaz

    Characters doesnt appear on the Server

    Alright I can login to the server now. And My characters even appear on screen. (yay) 2 of them are working perfectely, but the others have some slight issues. 1st they are naked and all stuff is gone. And second they have theirr name changed. It is basically the same name, but followed by a number like Stabby 23 instead of just stabby. Renaming doesnt work probably because my old charactername still is somewhere in the Database i guess. So is there any option to fix this? I dont care so much about the items, they were just lvl 20 and Items can be found again, but i remember finding good names were a real pain, so i would really be glad to get the original names back. Character restoration said character is already restored, so i cant do much there. I didnt open a ticket jet, because i can figure that the team might be busy at the time. Ah, another strange thing, I got my warrior copied. I only had 9 characters and now i have 10 One version of my warrior perfectely working the other renamed and naked. No big deal because i can simply delete the naked one, but i thought you should know about that. Best wishes: Thorgaaz
  10. Thorgaaz

    Characters doesnt appear on the Server

    Ah, thanks, so Im yust have to wait an little longer. Glad to hear that. Thanks.
  11. Thorgaaz

    Characters doesnt appear on the Server

    Well I found in some topics that i should be able to play my characters on the merged server Stratholme. But the announcement for this merging was some weeks ago. So do I need to change the realmlist? Or is yust the merging not finished at this point?
  12. Hi folks i have a strange Problem. If I try to Log in, instead of my old Server I have Nighthaven and 3 Testrealms to choose from. But I cant select any of my characters. The strange point is, that the connection to the server works fine, and i can see the correct amount of characters (9) on one of theese Testrealms. I even was able to restore the characters (at least if the cat talks the true) but they simply dont appear. Im very confused about that because im not sure, are they there or not? If I create new characters now, im not sure if it conflicts with my old ones. Can someone please help me? The perfect solution of cause would beeing able on nightheaven with my old chars. MfG: Thorgaaz