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    Can't login

    Ahh ok ty for that...most other sites I've set up an account with had them linked so I assumed this was no different...well hopefully this works :) Ok so I tried setting up the account via the link you posted, and it said that my email address was already in use, which means I made an account at some point in the past and don't recall the user name/password I initially set it up with. How do I go about retrieving this info? Lol Ok managed to change password via a link I found in a different but related thread. Sent for the password recovery message to be sent to my email. Changed password accordingly and then it was a game of trying various usernames and copy pasting the password in with it until I found the one that worked. Problem solved!!
  2. Pyro420

    Can't login

    I also can't seem to login to the game using the user name and password I have set up for my account. I can log into the website and access the forums just fine, but logging into the game it tells me that my user name and/or password is incorrect o.O