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  1. the problem is when there are more than 1 premade queue'ing on each side BUT they somehow never face each other.... the opportunity of putting premade vs premade is there, but apperentely they dont want to. they wanna favor the higher rankers or whatever because they are most of the time vs pugs.
  2. well, thanks for noticing it. every single game that involves team play game have their own system to prevent premades vs pugs, and now with full 10 man premades is literally cancer to play. so i really do hope you guys fix this asap.
  3. well they are not being placed in the same Q its premade vs pugs. all the time. rank 6- vs rank 10+. would actually be epic if it was rank 10+ premades fighting one another, but right now is just bullshit and fucks up everyone who tries to rank up and its not in on the premade ''stack honor to RP cap'' cartel. right now at 10:21 server time there are only two games going on. one is the alliance premade stomping the horde pug, and the other is the horde premade stomping the alliance pug. horrible experience. even worse than being ganked 24/7 by 60s in 50s zones.
  4. regal

    AoE Farming Different on this server?

    im AoE'ing since lvl 26 and while i did notice that, it was simple to the fact that i was missing blizzard slightly on all the mobs (trying to put it as close to me as possible). once i got full arctic reach its been a breeze.
  5. regal

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    newbie here, thanks for the guide. quick question, im lvl 20 now and i actually have immolate at rank 3... and it does 145 damage total (45 + 90 DoT). corruption is doing 100 and CoA 184. isnt worth it to put immolate on the rotation for <20s and >20s fights?