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  1. As per my post on github last month before this patch, the Horn Of The Frostwolf Howler was also affected, and the linked github article didn't specify a particular faction, just Altract Valley mounts. Frostwolf still costs 90g. Have cleaned WDB folder. Also can't see Material Assistance being offered by the NPC, had to have it given to me manually by a GM, but seems it's still bugged as I cannot turn it in.
  2. Ooze covered Mithril Veins

    Yeah same too, but then I watch another character run over and mine all of them. I reported it to a GM and they said they are aware. I think it's level based. I'm 31 and experience this. I believe you can loot the Mithril if you're level 35. This gives me Déjà vu.