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  1. Only PVP servers get the larger player populations. I would recommend an Elysium fresh PVP TBC server. Freshhhh.
  2. Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Two words: respec system!
  3. Population

    Elysium is a very busy server any time during the day and night. And because of betrayals at other private servers related to an intention that those 'other' private servers will shut down post-WoW Classic's launch, I see more and more online WoW players coming here to Elysium instead, I hope Elysium decides to continue after WoW Classic has launched, if WoW Classic is not actually the vaporware WoW Classic appears to be at the moment.
  4. Lemmings Hope is permanently gone for me. The same with Failmyst. They will never be trusted again no matter the argument. I will be staying at Elysium.
  5. Other Server Database Compromise

    This is why I completely created a new account at Elysium after ditching Lemmings Hope permanently. LH knew my old account details. Fresh server with fresh account creation for the win. I would recommend doing that to other Elysium players, create new accounts with different login info and not the same as other private servers login's, at least as a back up account option if you don't want to use new accounts for your main and most used alts. I was very happy with my new account when Elysium relaunched and I am still happy, for the record, and I use the new account instead.
  6. Thank you. WDB folder now clean and logging in time. :)

    The fresh path to Elysium TBC.
  8. Yay. :)
  9. Nighthaven: 3 months after launch

    Great times and having a blast, thank you Elysium, oh worthy WoW private server.
  10. I've talked as the title of the thread requested and given my two cents worth, I'm not bothered about cheap Epic mounts but each to their own. I'm enjoying Nighthaven and that's all I care about personally. Others I know in-game aren't bothered either. I'll check back on this thread later on to see what's mentioned but this will be my last post in it. Back to Nighthaven with me.
  11. They can get Epic mounts simply by voting at the other servers yet alone for gold. Some servers even offer free mounts, but they usually aren't Epic (usually) and Retail, mentioned yet again, also offers mounts to buy in their online shop, so Elysium isn't as easy as that in comparison to gaining Epic mounts. I'm not going to say any more other than this mount issue has been blown out of proportion deliberately, perhaps under orders to agitators or for other reasons known only to whom it may concern.
  12. Nope but retail was one example. There are expansions on private servers that sell epic mounts at low amounts and ganking happens on PvP servers there, just like it may happen here. That's part of the WoW PvP server experience, it doesn't bother me as apparently it bothers some others.
  13. The more I learn about WoW Classic the more I am happy about staying on WoW private servers like Elysium.
  14. Epic mounts are cheap in retail WoW and you can still get ganked, it's part of PVP WoW servers everywhere. I'm looking forward to cheaper epic mounts, personally.