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  1. Booksie

    Effect of Blizzard's Classic WoW

    I'm staying on the WoW vanilla private servers, whichever remains after Classic. Including Elysium, should they stay operating and I hope they do.
  2. Thank you. Genie, you're free!
  3. Booksie

    Server down?

    The host has some kind of hardware fault. Repairs are happening, or so Discord implies.
  4. The road to the opened Dark Portal and Outland beckons. Your TBC Open Beta is developing and working nicely, Elysium. Flight works like a charm too. As do Mechanostrider's. I'm looking forward to the proposed character merge in mid-August. It's all good.
  5. If regulating gold selling reduces spam in the mailbox I'm all for it, Blizz did that with the WoW Token. And "Black Market" sounds all cool and mysterious. Like Madam Goya from Pandaria does her under the table acquired dealings.
  6. Booksie

    Hardware Swap & Security Warning

    Looks like all is well, up and running ok. Thanks for making the effort and merges. It looks like it worked for me and the Nighthaven server is operational, nominal and stable.
  7. Only PVP servers get the larger player populations. I would recommend an Elysium fresh PVP TBC server. Freshhhh.
  8. Booksie

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Two words: respec system!
  9. Blood for the Blood God!
  10. Booksie


    Elysium is a very busy server any time during the day and night. And because of betrayals at other private servers related to an intention that those 'other' private servers will shut down post-WoW Classic's launch, I see more and more online WoW players coming here to Elysium instead, I hope Elysium decides to continue after WoW Classic has launched, if WoW Classic is not actually the vaporware WoW Classic appears to be at the moment.
  11. Lemmings Hope is permanently gone for me. The same with Failmyst. They will never be trusted again no matter the argument. I will be staying at Elysium.
  12. Booksie

    Other Server Database Compromise

    This is why I completely created a new account at Elysium after ditching Lemmings Hope permanently. LH knew my old account details. Fresh server with fresh account creation for the win. I would recommend doing that to other Elysium players, create new accounts with different login info and not the same as other private servers login's, at least as a back up account option if you don't want to use new accounts for your main and most used alts. I was very happy with my new account when Elysium relaunched and I am still happy, for the record, and I use the new account instead.
  13. Booksie

    Development Update 11.04.2018

    Thank you. WDB folder now clean and logging in time. :)