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  1. Booksie

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    I'll probably be in the stress test on the 14th. See you then. Looking forward to it.
  2. Booksie

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    Not specifically for TBC but with Nethergarde and XP tokens, gold exchange, character market, etc. Please keep these extra's AVAILABLE as other private servers that don't do shops / malls, tokens, etc. are fading. I think it might be because of Classic. I am NOT playing Classic so I humbly ask Elysium to keep the xp token, shop, character market, gold exchange, etc options available for Nighthaven / Nethergarde at ALL times because I don't want Elysium to go the way of other private servers which I won't name but have played on and they are fading away because they don't offer these features but I have noticed that the private servers that offer "something more" are still enjoying healthy populations, despite the curse of Classic. Well, it's a curse to me since I won't be playing it. And I want things to continue for Elysium. So consider doing these extra's for TBC as well as Nighthaven / Nethergarde, Elysium and you should have a long future into the very distant horizon with a healthy player base. The rest is up to you to decide. I am only saying this because I only wish Elysium well and want them to continue.
  3. Veni vidi voted. I won't be playing Classic so I am very much looking forward to this new Fresh server. 2x, PvP early release, early mount changes to get some newbies in and levelled quick while not progressing too fast to miss out on some emulated worthwhile vanilla fun, private server style. Server name, hmm, Alterac? Arathi? Warsong? Nightsong? Silverpine? Should be fun finding out what's decided anyway. Fressshhh.
  4. Booksie

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

  5. Booksie

    Effect of Blizzard's Classic WoW

    I'm staying on the WoW vanilla private servers, whichever remains after Classic. Including Elysium, should they stay operating and I hope they do.
  6. Thank you. Genie, you're free!
  7. Booksie

    Server down?

    The host has some kind of hardware fault. Repairs are happening, or so Discord implies.
  8. The road to the opened Dark Portal and Outland beckons. Your TBC Open Beta is developing and working nicely, Elysium. Flight works like a charm too. As do Mechanostrider's. I'm looking forward to the proposed character merge in mid-August. It's all good.
  9. If regulating gold selling reduces spam in the mailbox I'm all for it, Blizz did that with the WoW Token. And "Black Market" sounds all cool and mysterious. Like Madam Goya from Pandaria does her under the table acquired dealings.
  10. Booksie

    Hardware Swap & Security Warning

    Looks like all is well, up and running ok. Thanks for making the effort and merges. It looks like it worked for me and the Nighthaven server is operational, nominal and stable.
  11. Only PVP servers get the larger player populations. I would recommend an Elysium fresh PVP TBC server. Freshhhh.
  12. Booksie

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Two words: respec system!
  13. Blood for the Blood God!