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  1. is closed? 

    Yay. :)
  2. Nighthaven: 3 months after launch

    Great times and having a blast, thank you Elysium, oh worthy WoW private server.
  3. Lets Talk About 180g for Epic Mount!

    I've talked as the title of the thread requested and given my two cents worth, I'm not bothered about cheap Epic mounts but each to their own. I'm enjoying Nighthaven and that's all I care about personally. Others I know in-game aren't bothered either. I'll check back on this thread later on to see what's mentioned but this will be my last post in it. Back to Nighthaven with me.
  4. Lets Talk About 180g for Epic Mount!

    They can get Epic mounts simply by voting at the other servers yet alone for gold. Some servers even offer free mounts, but they usually aren't Epic (usually) and Retail, mentioned yet again, also offers mounts to buy in their online shop, so Elysium isn't as easy as that in comparison to gaining Epic mounts. I'm not going to say any more other than this mount issue has been blown out of proportion deliberately, perhaps under orders to agitators or for other reasons known only to whom it may concern.
  5. Lets Talk About 180g for Epic Mount!

    Nope but retail was one example. There are expansions on private servers that sell epic mounts at low amounts and ganking happens on PvP servers there, just like it may happen here. That's part of the WoW PvP server experience, it doesn't bother me as apparently it bothers some others.
  6. The more I learn about WoW Classic the more I am happy about staying on WoW private servers like Elysium.
  7. Lets Talk About 180g for Epic Mount!

    Epic mounts are cheap in retail WoW and you can still get ganked, it's part of PVP WoW servers everywhere. I'm looking forward to cheaper epic mounts, personally.
  8. Thanks very much. See you in the World PvP. Onwards to 1.5 "Battlegrounds".
  9. Happy Holidays from Elysium!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Winter Veil. I will be sticking around the private server scene after WoW Classic launches. For private reasons. Heh. I hope the Elysium Project continues too. Happy Holidays.
  10. The Mystic Ward tree in Ironforge. I use that place a lot. Feel free to use any screenshots I share here. And Happy Winter Veil, Elysium! :)
  11. Happy Winter Veil & Merry Christmas! Thank you.
  12. Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    I tried to like there but too many alarm bells were going off. A sharp exit and a duck and dive away from teh Lemmings Hope cliff edge was avoided thanks to the transfer system back to Elysium. The biggest risk there was attachment, if I didn't get attached to LH or my toon's there I could stay away and stick with Elysium. Getting rid of the toon's there after the transfer sealed the deal and this Lemming avoided the fall. For now. I'm grateful to Elysium for Nighthaven and hopefully it will stay long into the future, having a blast.
  13. Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    I was in despair when Lemmings Hope swiped the other servers. I was forced to become a Lemming. Then I transferred my characters back to Elysium and felt less of a Lemming after LH announced they were probably closing after WoW Classic is launched. I had some hope to continue in the private server scene without getting locked into whatever Activision Blizzard dishes out and I have to endure whatever WoW Classic and retail WoW becomes. I have more choices with private servers and I am grateful to be given the opportunity of more choices that WoW private servers like The Elysium Project provide. But I was in despair. The other Lemmings at LH would not come back here. The only hope I saw for Elysium was a Fresh server. And FRESH we got, prior to Strat's launch. The Nighthaven PvP server was and is fun. More importantly it brought players back and hopefully they will progress with the Fresh server and so will I. The thing I am most looking forward to with Nighthaven is progression. I am fine and ok with Nighthaven's fast progression to TBC. If Elysium wishes to continue with that pace then that is fine with me, for what it is worth. I am hoping that The Burning Crusade server launches later on which is something else to look forward to and more importantly, gives incentive to stick around Nighthaven to progress to TBC later on. I would encourage keeping the Github development the way it is as a WoW core maintenance method of continuing development for Elysium, and open source will deter sabotage by malicious coders as the source code may be scrutinised by your dev's. More importantly server side patching may continue indefinitely for Nighthaven. Win win. When I logged into the Stratholme PvP server and saw not many players online there I knew it was doomed, doomed fast, Strat was not feasible or sustainable. Therefore I hope the characters I transferred from LH will be used on your TBC server one day since Strat didn't make it and I'm ok with starting anew with Nighthaven as I was looking for a Fresh server challenge anyway, coincidentally. I have no regrets about leaving LH and my toons don't exist there any more so I won't be tempted to return. No regrets. I won't be going back to Lemmings Hope because I'm an ex-Lemming now and let them be led to the cliff edge blindly trusting if that's what they want and cannot transfer themselves away from that fate whether data backups are provided for their characters or not once WoW Classic launches and LH closes and I will coninue here hopefully if things are still operational later on. I hope they are. Because of that I would also advise and recommend the character transfer tool as an option is available permanently for other lost but found Elysium players. No hard feelings to them, they are gone from my life now but maybe they will come back one day. Once again, no regrets and thanks for launching Nighthaven. It's a blast there.
  14. The LH lemmings there are following the pipe music to the Hope's End patch 7.3.2 cliff edge. With a WoW Classic logo painted on the cliff wall half way down.
  15. I won't be going back to Lemmings Hope no matter what as they are all being led over a cliff edge over there blindly trusting & following one another when WoW Classic launches, literally like a bunch of shilling lemmings regardless of if they get a 'backup' of their data or not. I'm having a great time at Nighthaven and staying here and wish to continue playing at The Elysium Project long after WoW Classic is live. Please keep the transfer option open indefinitely as well in case one of the Lemmings over there has a Eureka moment and suddenly makes a great escape to Elysium for your TBC server later on. Ex-Lemmings Hope players can always play at Nighthaven too like this ex-Lemming.