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  1. PvE Server Please

    While I sometimes like a PvE server to play on now and again, I can't help but notice the low population's PvE servers have compared to PvP servers, which are quite frequently a lot higher. Nighthaven is a roaring success.
  2. The LH lemmings there are following the pipe music to the Hope's End patch 7.3.2 cliff edge. With a WoW Classic logo painted on the cliff wall half way down.
  3. I won't be going back to Lemmings Hope no matter what as they are all being led over a cliff edge over there blindly trusting & following one another when WoW Classic launches, literally like a bunch of shilling lemmings regardless of if they get a 'backup' of their data or not. I'm having a great time at Nighthaven and staying here and wish to continue playing at The Elysium Project long after WoW Classic is live. Please keep the transfer option open indefinitely as well in case one of the Lemmings over there has a Eureka moment and suddenly makes a great escape to Elysium for your TBC server later on. Ex-Lemmings Hope players can always play at Nighthaven too like this ex-Lemming.
  4. Everyone was at Nighthaven so it's understandable. Maybe I will see my transferred toons on a TBC server when the Elysium Project gets that up and running. Looking forward to The Dark Portal opening here.