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  1. Ok so this guy doesn't exactly show that between those messages were long pauses where Alhanathorne had forgotten about it and this guy would message him again trying to stir things up I've seen the actual time stamped logs from alhana, dude was legit just telling him to watch out having ninja looters in your guild can reflect poorly on all of you. no one denies this, and this dude would not stop messaging Alh , like when Alh said "Why are you talking shit?" There was like a good 10 minutes there where all was doing Auction house stuff and talking to guildies and genuinely not talking to this kid. I'll see if Alh will let me post the timestamped log its fucking obvious who was instigating this and after reading it yet again I think Alh handled it perfectly reasonably...
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    I tried that and after two days he was still in there running into walls and nuking lowbies and farming
  3. Korwinthale


    All they have to do is go in there on a gm toon and see its a bot its pretty damn obvious lol
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    Remove the damn level 60 bot and his Bot friend from the kurzan cave in STV 2 days he has been in there murdering people while AOE farming two days!! a bot undead mage