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  1. Perhaps if you were to average it out over 50 runs or so, you would see a drop rate that is closer to the drop chance %. However, it is simple RNG, (as Zancon said) and you could get "lucky" and get the same item 10/10 times, or you could run the instance 40 times and never have it drop once, regardless of what the drop chance is. Every run you have x% chance for an item to drop from a specific boss or mob, if you get the drop one run, it doesn't mean you won't get it the next. You still have the same chance every instance reset. Also, it should be noted that some item's drop chances increase or decrease, depending on the mob or boss you kill. [Plans: Lionheart Helm] does have a chance to drop on a successful Ragnaros kill @ 4%, which is Blizzlike. It is possible your data isn't completely accurate. From what I have seen, the drop rates are what they should be, but I can always take a deeper look. For future reference, it is helpful to report any game feature you think is not functioning correctly or "bugged" to our Github page. This way our Dev and QA teams can look into the issues further, and try to reproduce them. Here is the link to our Github:https://github.com/elysium-project/classic-bug-tracker
  2. Nalfein

    Characters missing

    Greetings, The only character we could find with that name is a level 5 Rogue, that is not on the account you gave us. If the character was created between the end of July and October, 2017, chances are it no longer exists. The reason for that is because we could only restore character data from our old realms from July 2017. This means all accounts and char progression from the end of July to October 2017 was lost. I would say this is most likely the case.
  3. Nalfein

    GM Applications have re-opened!

    Mok'rah! It has come to my attention that the application form, linked in my previous post regarding GM applications, is not functioning in a manner of which I would prefer, so I will now be posting a new link, and with it a new form entirely. Any of you who have already applied, and did not receive a response, please feel free to re-apply using the updated link/form. The link to the application form has already been edited in the above post. Thank you!
  4. Greetings, The Game Master team on Elysium is now accepting applications. We are currently seeking to fill 3-5 GM positions of various backgrounds. We are looking for applicants who are available in the early hours of the morning EU/Late night NA (1AM-10AM Server time, 7PM-4AM EST), but we encourage everyone to apply who would like to contribute to the success of Elysium as we move towards TBC! Multilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply! Requirements: 10-15+ hours per week of troubleshooting for players Fluent in English Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve Use of research to answer questions/problems. Thinking "outside of the box" is a great asset as many of our player issues require unique responses and investigations A thick skin and calm demeanor High standard of professionalism Team oriented mindset Strong communication skills Maturity, honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the community and the Elysium project Experience in a GM role is NOT required - however it is an asset. The application form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/0s7z4CJfOx4jrPmq1 Thank you to everyone who submits an application, however only those accepted will be contacted! If you do not hear from us within 7 days of your application, please reapply once applications reopen. Good luck! Elysium GM Team
  5. We are looking into the idea of merging the other realms also as we progress further. You do have a fair point about the patch difference for sure, and it is something we could possibly consider, but the entire idea of these realms being open for transfer is still up for debate at this time. Your input is much appreciated, thank you.
  6. We do not have a database for characters that were not moved over during the "Nost Token" transfer, so unfortunately any characters that were not transferred during that window are no longer available. Right now we are just talking about the Elysium PVP realm's characters, as that is the only realm that is on the same patch as Nighthaven. However, we are open to the idea of merging the other realms as well once Nighthaven catches up in patch progression. None of this is official, it's just an idea in which we are looking for your feedback/thoughts.
  7. Ah. Well nothing of what I say should be considered official, as it is not certain we are going to be proceeding with the above post, but most likely you would be able to choose which characters you want copied over. Similar to what we have done in the past.
  8. The characters would not be overwritten, they would just be renamed. As Rain stated in his post, Nighthaven characters would take priority for names, so any characters from the old realms that have the exact same names, would be flagged for a rename when they are copied/transferred over.