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  1. desolace1

    warrior stance question ;s

    There is nothing in CB except rage gain from charge. I tested it on duel with my friend. I tried both charge and intercept and it just randomly didn't stun him few times. He also didn't have charge stun in his CB.
  2. desolace1

    warrior stance question ;s

    Oh ok, so the last thing why my charge sometimes doesn't stun the enemy? They run away, no stun.
  3. desolace1

    wpvp spec leveling?

    I made some additional research + your suggestions and that's the results from what i tried to build. Ofc all of them would be for leveling. Sword faster leveling pve: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fMe0oxZG0EdbVzxco (i'd like Improved Eviscerated here but i don't see anything i could take 3 points out from. It's pretty much the same build as yours but i decided swords would be easier to find while leveling than maces and i think i prefer extra attack over stun) Sword world pvp oriented: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhebkxzZhZxMe0chRR (maybe Remorseless instead of Expo Armor and Deadliness?) Dagger world pvp oriented: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fGeooxzZGcZVMecc0o Can you see something wrong, any mistakes or do they even have any sense at all? I noticed people skip Ghostly Strike and improved SS but i dunno why. For sword it's obvious because we use hemo instead. Also as a dagger rogue you should use backstab instead of SS but it won't be always possible to find the back i guess so i'd take improved SS anyway. And how about Ghostly Strike because it looks like a nice skill, so why people skip it both in dagger and sword builds?
  4. desolace1

    wpvp spec leveling?

    Nice, that's the explanation i needed :) Also i have one more question because i have seen a rogue playing with hemo and probably swords and he was always doing cheap shot -> kidney shot combo to stunlock and kill as fast as possible. He was killing players even during kidney or was resetting and doing it again to keep his target stunned all the time. What build it could be? And can something like that be viable during leveling or maybe it requires special gear etc?
  5. desolace1

    warrior stance question ;s

    Also why my charge sometimes doesn't stun the enemy? I charge and the guy just run away..
  6. desolace1

    wpvp spec leveling?

    Yeah, rogue seems super complicated for me to understand all that stuff with weapon type and talents. No matter how long i look on his talent trees i have still no idea how a sword or dagger build should look like :D What's the difference between sword and dagger rogue? How different is their playstyle and talent choice? If i understand correctly, we pick daggers only for backstab+ambush crit burst? And for anything other swords are always better because they are slower which means higher dmg? And it means higher hits with SS/Hemo? Oh man, this sounds really bad. Dagger build looks like a lot of fun but this can be a pain in the ass i agree. How would a sword pvp build look like then? Go for cheapshot+kidney every time? And hemo instead of ss? And it would be more energy efficient so that you would be able to kick or cc unlike a dagger rogue?
  7. desolace1

    warrior stance question ;s

    I'm playing warrior for the first time and i'm so confused. I have lots of important skills but they are all in different stances so i have to constantly switch stance. But changing stance = losing almost all rage (only 25 back from talent) so i can't use this skills anyway due to no rage. How does it look in pvp? Do i have to switch stances 100 times to just use one skill and switch again to use another skill?
  8. desolace1

    wpvp spec leveling?

    Hey, i just started playing rogue for the first time and need some advice for some world pvp spec while leveling. I don't mind slower mob killing/leveling, i want to be prepared for pvp and practice it a bit before lvl 60. I read something about Cold Blood/Preparation or Hemo builds but i'm confused because some people say you should use backstab instead of ss/hemo but backstab can be used only from behind. Also some say Cold Blood rogues are not supposed to use Hemo. I'd like to kill players very fast or be able to escape successfully if someone gank me. Also i should go full +agi gear? And daggers?
  9. I'm just curious and asking cus i don't know, i've played on several servers some worse some better. I don't know if it's a vanilla thing or what but i'm almost sure it wasn't like this on other vanilla servers. Or retail vanilla. Is it normal that you can shot thro terrain, trees etc. why is it like that? I can't imagine endgame pvp at 60 when mages and hunters will spam me thro terrain and trees.. I have to jump or run around the tree or stump but ranged can shot thro it this is ridiculous
  10. Can you explain? I know i have played on some servers that had no issues with shooting thro hills and trees but it was tbc-wotlk. It workes perfectly. Even on Nostalrius or Kronos but i don't remember so i'm not sure. Why here on elysium it's possible to hit thro textures?
  11. Srsly hunters and casters hit me thro all the trees and hills, where are vmaps on this server? Srsly vmaps are not working on this server? This is ridiculous.. Also hunters i understand are super balanced running with cheetah and kiting forever because you can't come closer and do shit as warrior or paladin. Sorry i should say melee classes are super balanced because they can only run and try to catch and ofc die because they have nothing to catch the hunters. I'm using charge and NO STUN wtf? the guy just run away after my charge and kite me forever and hit thro all the textures. My friend has the same problems + DC and lags all the time, he tried another server and everything is ok so my question is what is wrong with THIS server then? I was playing on retail before and it looks so bad here, why?