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  1. WhiskeyBob

    No cheats report?

    Nvm, server is quite empty and noone watches cheaters...
  2. WhiskeyBob

    No cheats report?

    Was surprised to miss the cheats option at the Help Request section. How can I report? I don't mean when the main char helps lowbie from 2nd account. Consider it's OK. But when players jump over buildings, and my character is being killed by mobs located 200+ feet away, while the character is parked at inn.:) And no priest was around with Mind Control...
  3. WhiskeyBob

    Coins Donation

    The server's population might get down when it's vacation time, or if it's exams time, etc. :)
  4. WhiskeyBob

    My gold auction doesnt appear

    It works, I just checked my lot. If you put 10G to sale it's really hard to find it indeed.
  5. WhiskeyBob

    Linken's Adventure quest bug

    "TAKE all three items OUT of the pack" Maybe you have some pack in inventory? Maybe you somehow put it to bank?
  6. WhiskeyBob

    Linken's Adventure quest bug

    Maybe this will help? https://classicdb.ch/?quest=3961 "you have to hold the totem in your OFF HAND.&nbsp just having it in your pack isn't enough!"
  7. WhiskeyBob

    Linken's Adventure quest bug

    Suppose you missed previous quest(s).
  8. WhiskeyBob

    No activation email

    Check also your spam folder.
  9. WhiskeyBob

    Gold Exchange mistake

    Impossible to get 130 coins for 10G through the website.
  10. WhiskeyBob

    Need GM, The islander BUG: warrior quest

    Maybe you did Islander, and now you have to get the quest "The Affray" from Klannoc Macleod located at Barrens? I had a similar problem on my 60 paladin, I found out I cannot resurrect players at level 60. I've checked around 20 mobs and finally found the correct one.:)
  11. WhiskeyBob

    Psychology of Battle ground

    Many players doing Naxx and buy R14 gear. Items at the store aren't BiS, Naxx/AQ40/R14 still have better gear. I have a character with some blues, which are better than purple items from the store.:)
  12. WhiskeyBob

    Need GM, The islander BUG: warrior quest

    Maybe you just need to find a proper trainer who will give you q again.
  13. WhiskeyBob

    Gold Exchange issue

    I'd say it works. I sold like 4000 Gold over past 2 years and cancelled several my lots. No bugs were found.
  14. WhiskeyBob

    Gold Exchange mistake

    Find your lot and cancel it.
  15. WhiskeyBob

    TBC realm

    Is it down forever? If yes, can I get back my 3 XP tokens as coins? Account name is WhiskeyBob.