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  1. WhiskeyBob

    Gold Exchange issue

    I'd say it works. I sold like 4000 Gold over past 2 years and cancelled several my lots. No bugs were found.
  2. WhiskeyBob

    Gold Exchange mistake

    Find your lot and cancel it.
  3. WhiskeyBob

    TBC realm

    Is it down forever? If yes, can I get back my 3 XP tokens as coins? Account name is WhiskeyBob.
  4. So many time and efforts spent from development team, we were waiting for almost a year. Pls bring it back online.:)
  5. WhiskeyBob

    Some doubts about the Server

    I mined 2-3 times from single vein at 2005 on official server.
  6. WhiskeyBob

    Witch Doctor Unbagwa Needs To Be Reset

    He was bugged for several years, just forget about him.
  7. WhiskeyBob

    Transfer question;  Lightshope to Stormrage

    You sure anyone can play at Stormrage now?:)
  8. WhiskeyBob

    Tried Windowed Mode-Now stuck with Black screen

    Try to clean WDB and WTF folders.
  9. WhiskeyBob

    Cannot Login

    Same here.:(
  10. WhiskeyBob

    Thanks Elysium

    Thanks to the whole your team as well. :)
  11. WhiskeyBob

    TBC Mail Bug?

    Mail issues were fixed to me from yesterday, Stormrage realm.
  12. WhiskeyBob

    gold spammers

    Today I started getting yellow warnings on my 14 shaman - "you cannot whisp until level 15", etc. These messages were only appeared when I looted killed mob. By turning off 'Recount' addon I stopped getting these messages. I tried to whisper 'gold spammers', but haven't got a single reply. Levels of these people were from 20 to 60.
  13. WhiskeyBob

    TBC Spamblocker Addon?

    Won't help, bots start to invite to gold selling channels.:)
  14. WhiskeyBob

    gold spammers

    Today's spammers were 38, 51, etc. I already visited their website and made some actions to possibly stop their online payment processing services. Not sure it'll work however, money is money.:)
  15. WhiskeyBob

    gold spammers

    Already did. If it's convenient for staff, can help as semi-moderator and ban these people, with adding all required attendant information for further investigation. Screenshots, text, etc.