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    Tank weapon fast or slow

    Hey guys, i'm wondering what weapon i should use. People keeps saying to go for fast weapon but i read that it was because rage generation was not fixed and so now it does not really matter. However each post i'm reading this from are from servers which are way ahead of us. So what should i do ?
  2. Rouedkaross

    Macro Heal+auto attack

    Hey guys, i'm actually using a macro for mouseover /script if nil then CastSpellByName("Spell(Rank 4)")end /lunamo Spell(Rank 4) It does the job however everytime i heal, my character stop attacking >< and it's a real pain to have to click on the mob/boss again to resume auto attack (for seal of wisdom) everytime i cast a spell. Is it possible to maybe add a line which will allow me to continue attacking ?
  3. Rouedkaross

    Random Disconnects from Nighthaven.

    It's unplayable on my part this is ridiculous, i'm getting dc every 2min with and without addons
  4. Rouedkaross

    Disconnected from server????

    still happening for me
  5. Rouedkaross

    Help Luna Unit Frame

    Thanks but after testing it's already checked but when in a party i still have the group on the left and not in the raidframe
  6. Rouedkaross

    Help Luna Unit Frame

    Damn i looked everywhere but could not find it. Such a pain in the a*s as a healer to heal with the basic group on the left.
  7. Haha same, i was so excited on my part that i even went for an all-nighter and now i'm super sleepy cuz i don't have anything to do x)
  8. Rouedkaross

    Help Luna Unit Frame

    Hey guys, it's my first legacy server, i did not play on Vanilla in a very long time. I don't remember if it was possible at the time but is it possible to have your raidframe even in a 5-man group? I mean i have the group and when we go to raid it just adds people in another groupe next to it. For exemple it's just a 5 man group with the raidframe. thanks