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  1. There was never a need for PvP servers because of all of the built in mechanics of WoW. If you want to PvP World, flag or attack a flagged character, BATTLEGROUNDS... there is already a place to PvP. STV Arena, Gaz Thunderdome, etc. WoW is one of, if not the best, Progression games. With Nighthaven being a F2P server, too many assholes on both sides. Some people just want to log, level, craft, fish, whatever the game has to offer without the interference of "what others want". Retail costs money. Therefore people had a motivation to play the game and were given a choice. There is no choice in PvP servers. It's bad enough there were fundamental issues with Vanilla (NElf can never reach Exalted before 40, there are no quests between 30-40) in design without not being able to just play. It's not fun to spend most of your time dead running back to your corpse and not getting the needed requirements of quests and progression. I suggest Elysium-Project put up a poll. See what the player base wants.