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  1. В чем проблема докачать чара-банкира до 10го лвл?
  2. Unholyc

    Possible Solution to Lvl10 Mail

    Is it realy big problem to level up to 10 lvl your bank alt?
  3. Players need a good TBC server. All existing servers are garbage. If the team Elysium will be able to make a really high-quality server, it will be great!
  4. Thirteen years have passed since the game was released. All quests are learned. Tactics of dungeons and raids are also well known to everyone. People no longer need so much time to leveling and boss trying. I think that many can get bored if you increase the time between patches. Also, many began to play here because of the promised TBC. The delay in the timing of the release of TBС can scare off these players.
  5. - Убедитесь, что ваш уровень не ниже 35 и навык инженерии 225. - Попробуйте почистить кеш в папках WTF и WDB - Была ранее подобная проблема с русским клиентом. Попробуйте взять и выполнить квест на англоязычном клиенте игры.
  6. Подойдет любой клиент ВоВ версии 1.12.1. В файле realmlist.wtf нужно прописать set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org Играть лучше на сервере Nighthaven