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  1. Move topic

    Hello, I think i created the tread in the wrong section. https:// Could we please move this to PvE Section? Thank you and i am wishing you all happy new year!
  2. Any announcements on when can we expect having a TBC server from Elysium?
  3. Nighthaven (PvE Progression)

    Reserved. Try posting as following: Guild name: Yakuza Boss killed: Onyxia Date: 27.12.2017 Picture: Feel free to share any ideeas / suggestions.
  4. Hello everyone. I'll be updating the list as soon as i am getting info's from you. Molten Core <Flamewaker Lucifron> <CoreHound Magmadar> <Flamewaker Gehennas> <Lava Garr> <Fire Baron Geddon> <Flamewaker Shazzrah> <Flamewaker Sulfuron Harbinger> <MoltenGiant Golemagg the Incinerator> <Flamewaker Majordomo Executus> <FireLord Ragnaros> <A>Mist Onyxia's Lair <A>Mist