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  1. Have the rules for reporting ToU violations changed? I had someone clearly safespotting me and I opened a ticket in-game as described in many forum posts here. I linked to an imgur address where I posted a screenshot of the safespotting, again as described to be proper procedure according to forum posts. The screenshot clearly showed the violating player standing in the safe spot, my dead body lying on the ground, and my combat log showing that I died at that players hands. The GM that handled the ticket told me that they have to witness the attack directly themselves "in order to do anything." The GM said that a screenshot doesn't "100% show they were attacking." I don't understand how the screenshot was not proof enough. I don't understand how any rules can be enforced if a GM has to witness every violation directly. I don't understand why players are even asked to report if after we report we are told reporting is useless. Again, he didn't say that the screenshot didn't have enough information, he said screenshots in general were not proof of anything. He said, and I quote, "I realise you added a screenshot, but we do need to witness this occuring in order to do anything." Need to WITNESS to do ANYTHING. That is a blanket statement that eliminates any and all player reporting from being accepted, not just screenshots. Video, screenshots, eyewitnesses, repeated reports on the same player, anything but a GM witnessing violations directly is no longer accepted according to this GM. That cannot be true, can it? Are we not supposed to report anymore? Are we supposed to trust that a GM is watching? Is a GM watching?