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  1. You seriously think the Horde don't do the same shit? You, sir, are funny! Menethil has been Horde territory since 1.4 dropped. There are always horde stealthies in Ironforge and no amount of camping causes them to leave. Bright of Shine (horde) shuts down Ungoro and Tanaris on a daily basis. Get real dude.
  2. That's interesting. I know for a fact that Alhanathorn never contacted my GM at the time to report his issue. Why? Because he is an ass. Show your time stamps. I pushed his buttons hard because it's what I do. Your tone of voice (or text) is very important in life and the reactions of others rely on it. He came on like a cock strong elitist asshole and I treated him as such. If he was so worried about letting me know (I only talked to this guy one time in STV general chat prior while trolling. We were not friends. We were barely acquaintances.) why didn't he go to the GM who's name he requested? I stand my by statement in my initial post. Have a good day Mr. Korkinthale!
  3. Nope. The difference is I know I'm an asshole. The other difference is I don't try to get people banned for harassment when I message them first.
  4. He came at me hard broski. Why wouldn't I egg him on?
  5. Have you ever met Alhanathorne in your travels on the Alliance side? He likes to make blatant passive aggressive threats then get mad when you tell him to leave you alone. I highly recommend everyone take a minute of their time to help cheer him up. It's not every day that someone gets a vital piece of gear ninja'ed from The Stockades or BFD or wherever the heck he was at. I mean, how in the world will he ever clear MC? Not only was his gear supposedly ninja'ed, he would rather make it someone (a completely unrelated someone I might add) else's problem and then threaten to report said someone to the devs. It must be said someone's fault, right? Poor guy. I hope your day gets better man! Karma. Also, https://imgur.com/a/EnKOF Edit: I misspelled stuff