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  1. Is only a question, or if you think re open this realm one time more in a time, many people out of this server because blizzard open the official classic realm, but now many people out of official classic realm becuase in many of this realm there are not many people (In Latinamerica is it), well I dont know if you think re open TBC realm in a time
  2. Panlher


    Este mensaje fue hace 1 mes mas menos, pero si buscan guild en la alianza la mejor seria "El Huerto", y en la horda seria "Cariza y las Divinas", no pregunten el porque de los nombres porque no lo se xD, pero en ambas hay buena gente y ayudan bastante.
  3. Every day I have problems connecting to the server, I need to try several times for my client to connect to the server, and many people have told me that the same thing happens, there is also a lot of lag during the game, and my internet service is fine. , and when a lot of people do Naxrramas it is impossible to connect, please could you fix the server, so we can have a better gaming experience, please :). in later years there was not this difficulty to connect
  4. Panlher


    Claro en la alianza tengo una sacerdotisa ya en 70, su nombre Moonlightt, en la Horda hay una hermandad que se llama LATINOS, pienso que igual aceptan a todo aquel que hable español, alli tengo un chaman pero soy nivel bajo 26, ya que he jugado mas en la alianza, su nombre es Panlher
  5. Panlher


    Por supuesto, en la alianza al menos (no he visto aun en la horda) una hermandad hispano hablante se llama El Sindicato, para que la busques y pidas hermandad :)
  6. Panlher

    Spanish language on TBC

    Yes, I have the ESes folder from warmane and all is in english only the interface is in spanish, please add the spanish language to server we need it for know the history of TBC like that Vanilla please :)
  7. It's just an idea, the truth is that I've always been able to see the other expansions with the difficulty of vanilla, because after blizzard removed the difficulty, wow it was not the same, it was very easy, and even boring, it stopped having the soul of a mmorpg, in vanilla everything was used, and the professions served, the magical experience of walking to a dungeon, and all those things that many of us miss, and that now in elysium we revived them, but as they would be the other expansions of this way ?, although I understand that it would take a lot of effort and time 😞
  8. In the past blizzard removed the characteristic difficulty of vanilla in the following expansions to this day just for commercial things, why not ask the developers of Elysium if possible for the future the following expansions but with the difficulty of vanilla? , that is, modify the code of the game so that the difficulty is equal to vanilla, expansions such as wotlk, cataclysms, mist of pandaria, etc etc ... sorry for my english I speak spanish, but the idea is understood :)
  9. Hola, pues hoy volvi a jugar despues de algunos meses, y como dice el titulo del post no puedo restaurar mis pjs antiguos que tenia en el servidor anathema, pongo mi user y password en la parte donde se restaura, pero me dicen que estan mal y yo entro a jugar con ellos y no me dan error, de hecho me cree otro pj porq no habia ninguno de los que ya tenia, no se si me pueden ayudar a restaurarlos por favor :)