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  1. I have been able to successfully log my account but over the last 56+ hours Stormrage TBC realm has been inaccessible (cannot get a character list after successful log in), The Stormrage realm stats have been frozen during this period (and falsely reporting 10 Alliance & 15 Horde logged). I can enter Nighthaven Vanilla realm with no issues, but would rather keep developing characters on Stormrage. Is Stormrage now terminated?
  2. EML

    lost deck on mail

    I am noticing a LOT of lost items in in-game mail in TBC. It is occurring between my characters of the same account and between two different accounts. I have turned off mods, cleared WDB folder, and still lose more items I send to my other characters. I keep reporting it in the in-game help, and my requests are ignored for a whole week until the server resets and then my request is lost. I have lost a lot of valuable stuff now. BIG FRUSTRATING WASTE OF TIME. It seems random. For instance, my jewelcrafter sent a bunch of the exact same ring to my enchanter to disenchant. Interspersed in the mail is the actual attached item in some mails, or a message attachment in others that implies the actual item is attached but the mail is otherwise empty. In that one case, I lost 7 Engraved Truesilver Rings and the VIsion Dusts I really needed from them. In the latest request for in-game help, I have also reported loss of 22 iron bars, 4 moss agates, 12 heavy stone, and silver bars -all lost in different series of mails. I wish I had kept track of the earlier losses -my mistake for thinking the GMs would actually service my requests (all previous requests were closed out without any response). I have also lost several pieces of armor and weapons to this mail problem. Logging out and back in does not work. Clearing WDB folder does not work. I believe it is a server-side issue. Maybe an anti-spam or gold-seller routine is working incorrectly. Maybe there is a problem with the in-game mail databasing. EIther way, nothing seems to be resolved since I first noticed this and started requesting help over two weeks ago.
  3. Waiting 1 to 3 hours for queue pop and getting slaughtered because your side is outnumbered and/or outclassed by a pre-made is the opposite of fun. Frustration waiting for BGs, plus frustration in BGs means we go back to WPVP to the point no one is leveling and everybody is having a bad day.
  4. EML

    Happy Holidays from Elysium!

    I cannot figure out how to get to GM Island. I have been looking for the "mysterious Christmas strangers". What is the name(s) of the strangers and where in the cities are they located? EDIT: Nevermind, I finally found the Mysterious Christmas Visitor in front of Org Bank