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  1. GoatDragon

    Feral druid feeling very weak in 50s.

    I powered through my mid 50s, and things got better around 58/59. I'm 60 now with decent gear and my character is more powerful than ever.
  2. GoatDragon

    Feral druid feeling very weak in 50s.

    I was operating under the assumption that strength was my primary stat for both cat and bear form, as it gives me 2 AP per 1 str. Agility only gives 1 point of AP per, and only in cat form. Sure, agility gives dodge and crit, but in very low quantities. My dodge is around 12% through several pieces of straight dodge chance gear I have found. And I can't remember what my exact crit chance is, but say 50 more points of agility would only raise it a few percent if I remember how the math worked out. And if I dropped strength gear to get it I would lose precious AP!
  3. GoatDragon

    Feral druid feeling very weak in 50s.

    All through the leveling process my character felt quite powerful, until I hit about lvl 54 and I hit a brick wall. I am 56 now and it has gotten worse. I used to be able to DPS down equal level mobs quite quickly in cant form, and tank 3-4 at once in bear w/ self heals. Now it takes me forever to kill one equal level mob, and sometimes I have to do it in bear form just to be able to withstand the significant damage a single mob does to me! My DPS meter shows my cat form single target DPS ranging from 90 to 130 depending on crits and misses. And my bear form DPS hovers around 60-70. Here is a screenshot of my character screen, showing my stats. Could the class experts in here shed some light on why my character is sucking so hard as of late? And if anyone could grace me with some tips on how to suck less, that would be greatly appreciated!