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    Kel'Thuzad HP Poll

    I dont get it why people all of a sudden think a boss is weak when all the raiding content have felt the exact same way. Guilds in vanilla did not one shot all of MC, BWL, AQ40 and there was usually 1-2 bosses guilds where stuck with for weeks. If you increase the HP of KT why dont you increase the health of Cthun also so it require more than 1-2 weaken phases? Also i think that the fourhorse men work good as a gate keeper in nax. if you can clear 4hm you can clear the last two bosses also for sure.
  2. jsprn

    Regarding Speecs, please help.

    pets will die a lot in raids. thats why you dont use them.
  3. jsprn

    powerleveling bannable?

    why should that be banned? and is it even a good power leveling strategy?
  4. people in raiding guilds will stay since AQ40 is released in august. the rest of you plebs will probably start on a fresh realm
  5. jsprn

    Warlock Pet wont Auto Attack

    try right clicking fireball so its on autocast
  6. unless if you are interested in the server population
  7. no you wont be late. also if ur in ur mid 50s you can get tons of xp and honor at the same time in AV.
  8. jsprn

    PvE end game rotation

    short answer: No you dont. according to calculations you optimize for shadow dmg so that leaves off immolate and soul fire that are fire dmg. in raids all you do is make sure that CoE (for mages) or CoS (for warlocks) is up and spam shadow bolts as that is the most optimal DPS. If you think that is boring nothing is stopping you to push other buttons but it will decrease DPS.