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  1. Borrowing thread with a question: Will the TBC server have Blizz-like timeline, or will be faster progression like Nighthaven? Thanks
  2. Myriad973

    Dungeon loot guide?

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
  3. Hello, I cannot for the life of me find a list of vanilla dungeon loot. My friend Google has no idea. The below sites are no good: http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Instances_by_level loot table missing for most dungeons http://www.lookingforloot.com/dungeons.php?e=wow_classic Not vanilla loot table Does anyone know of any good sites? I know I can use addon in game, but I'm at work now :) I just find it amazing that this information is not available, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks
  4. Myriad973

    Ghost saber attack speed

    Hello, I'm thinking of taming a ghost saber because I think it looks cool. But the ghost saber found (summoned) in Darkshore seem to have an attack speed of 2.0 which is not very good. Are there any other ghost sabers with higher attack speed? Thanks