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Oceanic Redemption (A) (Nost PvP)

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As many of you know the oceanic community on Nostalrius alliance is extremely small. This combined with multiples guild competing for an extremely small number of players has turned our community extremely divided with our most populous guild barely having enough players to raid regularly . As such member of alpine cheese boys, stigmata and On ya bike have decided to join forces and stand united


Oceanic Redemption


“Oceanic Redemption” is a guild intended to unite the oceanic community under one banner. To make our small community stronger and better. Therefore all the oceanic community is invited to join (plus anyone who plays at our weird hours). With that said we will be putting a full forty into the depths of MC and beyond. We will fight to the end to make our community successful and to beat our more much numerous rivals.


As the oceanic region is an extremely spread region, will have raid times aimed at the middle of  our community. This means raids will start at 7pm AESDT – 10.30pm AESDT. Raids days are to be decided as we get more members and will depend on our rate of progression through available content. 20 man Raids will occur on our 'off” days.


We will use a loot council system as we feel this is the best way to reward players who strive to improve themselves, the guild and our community. 20 man raids will not affect loot council decisions and are entirely optional.


Class Priorities:

Warrior Tank: High

Fury: high

Rogue: High


Mage: Low

Hunter: high

Priest(Holy): High

Priest (Shadow): Possibly One exceptional Player

Paladin: High

Druid: High


Even if your class is listed as low, we always encourage exceptional applicants to join our community.

Apply at http://oceanicredemption.shivtr.com/

The oceanic community must stand united or die alone.

Oceanic Redemption: Standing United

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Not part of the leadership but On Ya Bike has no affiliation with this guild and has no plans to merge currently. Just an FYI.

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