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KANIUM [EU-Alliance] Weekend Raiding Guild

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Kanium is an Alliance weekend raiding guild. We are aiming for a solid core of raiders to clear either MC/BWL on a Saturday and do a mix of ZG/AQ20/ONY on secondary planned raid days.  

The raid evening on Saturday is mandatory and will require high amounts of participation. (Starting at 7:00-8:00 PM CET lasting 4-5 hours) A secondary raid evening will be planned every week for instances like ZG and AQ20. (Secondary raids are not mandatory.) The secondary raid evening Will either be on Friday evening or Sunday evening depending on reset timers. 

We expect our members to prepare properly for these raids with consumables and collecting BIS gear. We also require people to be in their optimal talent specs and ready to fulfill raid assignments.

For these raids we want to see you at your best and were more than willing to help with that. But please understand that raids are serious face mode and we will not tolerate people slacking off or ваууing around.

Because our raid days are limited and we want to progress and raid efficiently we will be using loot council. Loot distribution will be based on performance, size of upgrade and raid efficiency. No favoritism or other nonsense like that. 

Kanium leadership is more than capable of pulling this off and has the knowledge to do it. The leadership strives to keep Kanium competitive yet fun. We have no interest in drama or princess personalities. We do our best to meet the expectations of our members and all that we ask for in return is dedication and that you do your best.
Zul'Gurub: Fully Cleared
Molten Core: Fully Cleared
Onyxia: Fully Cleared
BWL: Fully Cleared
AQ20: Fully Cleared

 In order to apply to kanium please head over to our application board and drop an application there. 

Status of class positions:

Warrior - 1-2 Slots open 
Mage - 1
Rogue - 1 Slots open
Warlock - 1 Slot open
Priest - 1 slots open (Need a shadow Priest)
Paladin - Full
hunters - Full
Druid - 1 slot open (LF Boomkin)


Kanium Application Board

Kanium Website

Feel free to post any questions you have in this topic or simply send me a PM.

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In case the post isn't clear enough for you. Yes, we are going to play on the old Nostalrius server. We have noticed some people that think that the new server is Nost PvP and thus wandered into this board. 

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Received a pm today asking me to clarify about our planned Saturday raids.

Yes i did write Saturdays are mandatory. But we do understand obvious real life situations like a death in the family and so forth.

We require high attendence for Saturday in order to have a consistent and effective raid. If you miss too many for bogus reasons or Saturdays are just simply tricky for you then i honestly can't advice you to apply to Kanium.

I was also asked what the plan is when we hit 60 and we don't have enough people to do 40 man raids straight away. We will be doing additional ZG and AQ20 raids on Saturday instead.

Like stated in the top post. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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Currently all class positions are still open. Priest are filling up though. 


If you have any question regarding Kanium then don't hesitate to ask.

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i'm interested i'm on discord tm name firewall.otherwise send me a private message.thanks.


Roger that. I'll be on, soon. 

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More people join the fold, we're growing fast! Come experience our community and relive the good old times of vanilla WoW with us!

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