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[H] Illustrious - EU

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Illustrious is an EU based horde PVE guild with a solid team of raiders aiming to efficiently clear the raids in a timely manner.


Our raid-times are Thursday, Sundays and Mondays between 18:45-23:00 server-time.


We started raiding on Nostalrius in June 2015 and have been going on strong ever since, always challenging ourselves to improve.

We handle loot using loot council.


What we expect from you:

 1:You are a competitive person that strives for self-improvement.

 2: You can attend our raid days / times

 3: You are able to comprehend and communicate in clear English.

 4: You are able to take constructive criticism.


What <Illustrious> can offer you:

By joining illustrious you have the chance to join an experienced raiding team, as well as a great community.



Currently recruiting all viable classes and specs since the server hasn't opened yet.


To find the application form and for more information please visit http://illustrious.nost.shivtr.com/ or feel free to PM me.

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Hi Swoom. Hi Beetite. Do you remember Ouiae? Well if you do, I am Ouiae.

Please message Sethesi or Sethesis on horde side. I'm thrilled to have found this post. It almost brings me to tears to see your names.

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necroing thread for reconnections with my old guild - rollibard


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