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Can not log into control panel or game server

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Created new account on 12/13. I did validate in from my email. I've been on the forums since then. Tried logging into server after changing realmlist. Received 2  "discounted from server" trying to log in. Checked realm states says it's fine. Checked help forums it's fine. Retried login on forums are fine. Started wow.exe as admin this time it said my account was closed.... CHekced Hep forums again. The player control panel was mentioned.When I tried forum control panel it asked me to validate my email... I hit resend waited 5-10 minutes tried again after 15 minutes.Never received a email. I did check my block senders that isn't the issue. I added elysium email to my contacts and did a search I only received the original validation message on the 13th.

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