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  1. Shadowscout

    Oily Blackmouth?

    Even without pools, I catch them at docks but yes it's a poor droprate but not super rare.
  2. Shadowscout

    Cooking past 285?

    Bloodgill fish is a easy one. It's much more common then mightfish,Nightfin,and Sunscale. But it is vendor loot unless your a hunter then it's pet food lol.
  3. Shadowscout

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    This is the definition of griefing. The real question is, why the staff have not gotten involved. Is there something holding them back? Are they afraid of a foot and a mile situation. Maybe trying to figure out where they should draw the line? There is no question Vanilla retail would have taken this seriously. Any administrator willing to give us any feed back? even if it is just " we are discussing it" ?
  4. Shadowscout

    SageFish cooking level?

    I learned sage fish cooking around 110 I believe but it willn't let me cook it.... Is there a bug with the recipe or fish? had someone test it. I think it is the fish. I caught them in Rachet.
  5. Created new account on 12/13. I did validate in from my email. I've been on the forums since then. Tried logging into server after changing realmlist. Received 2 "discounted from server" trying to log in. Checked realm states says it's fine. Checked help forums it's fine. Retried login on forums are fine. Started wow.exe as admin this time it said my account was closed.... CHekced Hep forums again. The player control panel was mentioned.When I tried forum control panel it asked me to validate my email... I hit resend waited 5-10 minutes tried again after 15 minutes.Never received a email. I did check my block senders that isn't the issue. I added elysium email to my contacts and did a search I only received the original validation message on the 13th.
  6. Shadowscout

    Whats with the griefing posts?

    Griefing is boring. I have always enjoyed harrasing higher levels though. Stalking, hit and run, just screwing with thier heads. A great adrenal rush from the challenge. So much more entertaining. If you assist on griefing at least make it interesting like only using bombs and grenades or hell Fight them naked.
  7. Shadowscout

    Warlock Griefing Allowed?

    I once watched a Video of a 60 Mage dragging the World Boss dragon to Main cities. Would that be considered Greifing?
  8. Shadowscout

    Dungeon Group finder addon 1.2.1

    So this VQueue 1.2.1a and Call to Arms Do you think Elysium would endorse these and sticky them? Group finder addons are what kept WoW still going for casual players in retail vanilla until Meeting stones came out. Since these mods rely on people having them as well or at least Call to arms does I think, A community sticky and Endorsement would be a huge boost to the community's player base when the new server starts.
  9. Shadowscout

    Dungeon Group finder addon 1.2.1

    Yes and It was so much fun especially in the barrens. Call to arms addon on made such a huge difference. Unless it was high end progression 5-man groups. You had to sit in a main city and spam.
  10. Hi I remeber when I first played Vanilla wow everyone on my server used Call to Arms addon to find Dungeon groups before meeting stones where deployed. What Was primary used in Nost. and Elysium? If more then one was used which do you expect to be most popular?
  11. Shadowscout

    Black Lotus

    Yes so just implementing blizzard's fix to this early would still be bliz like wouldn't it? % based on green herbs.