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Raid Geared mage LF pugs or maybe guild

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My character name is: Explosionist

and I am a lvl 60 undead mage that has been playing since the release of Nost PvP.


I was a member of a german raiding guild with which I cleared MC, ONY, BWL and ZG.

Currently I am running with the winters chill support spec and have 450 sp with decent crit and Zandalarian Hero Charm and MQG as trinkets. My weapon is the 2hander from Nefarian aswell.


I am looking for guilds that might be running pugs on a weekly basis and that could use someone like me.

Also I would be interested in maybe joining a guild if it fits with my schedule and overall standards.


A friend of mine with similar ilvl that is a holy priest might tag along if there is enough space for both of us.


Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting u in game to talk in more detail. :D


P.S I do also have a mediocre geared fury warrior if no spot for ranged dps is open.

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