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  1. Hey My character name is: Explosionist and I am a lvl 60 undead mage that has been playing since the release of Nost PvP. I was a member of a german raiding guild with which I cleared MC, ONY, BWL and ZG. Currently I am running with the winters chill support spec and have 450 sp with decent crit and Zandalarian Hero Charm and MQG as trinkets. My weapon is the 2hander from Nefarian aswell. I am looking for guilds that might be running pugs on a weekly basis and that could use someone like me. Also I would be interested in maybe joining a guild if it fits with my schedule and overall standards. A friend of mine with similar ilvl that is a holy priest might tag along if there is enough space for both of us. Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting u in game to talk in more detail. P.S I do also have a mediocre geared fury warrior if no spot for ranged dps is open.
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    I mean you can never go wrong throwing a nade if u are meele for example and arent on the boss atm(maybe due to a knockback or fire around the boss or smthing) Maybe even between auto attack hits if the nade is a decently fast cast but that needs excelent timing and an auto attack swinger addon But in general I wouldnt really consider engineering a pve profession
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    Cheating in dungeons

    interesting, we should turn this into a juicy abuse thread where we list all the different tricks there exist ^^
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    I dont get it
  5. Dsl

    Cheating in dungeons

    what are those tactics exactly for the uninformed people like me? ^^
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    Black Lotus

    Yeah I dont really agree with that idea either but for other reasons. Elysium is supposed to be offering a blizzlike experience and adding an NPC selling that item. which did not exist in vanilla, goes completely against that logic even though the scenario we are currently experience might be not blizzlike itself. I feel like this needs a light external touch by the admins that doesnt include adding things that didnt exist beforehand. The spawnrate thing is just a temporary solution as I mentioned in a previous reply and we propably might need something else to get this problem under control. Maybe and just maybe if the hype settles down and the population does aswell then the price will stop fluctuating around.
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    Spelldmg Rogue ?

    thanks for the info, i guess it would have been to fun to be real
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    Black Lotus

    100 gold each before the spawn rate fix then after the fix went down to about 50 gold and by the end of Nostalrius it was up to about 90 gold again. What are the server admins going to do to offer raiders, that need flasks, a blizzlike experience?? Maybe appoint a single GM to monitor the black lotus price 24/7 and adjust the spawn rate accordingly? Who knows... I dont for sure. Lets hope the elysium crew has an idea of how to fix this situation with black lotus and similar items.
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    Almost lost my nost account!

    Pro tip: Always keep all your account data stored in a simple text file and try to reuse your password and account name for every website you register. Makes it easier for the poor folk trying to hack your stuff ...and who knows if you are lucky enough your account might become a gold farming account used by the chinese thorium mafia Joke aside, avoid writing down your account data in digital form(keyloggers etc)or anywhere else but if u really have then just have it in physical form like maybe a note you keep somewhere safe. Have fun on old nost with your hunter and dont forget: gotta catch em all!
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    Nost/Elysium Rogue Discord!

    What I thought about Lootolfs first reply: Welcome to Rogue Discord. The first rule of Rogue Discord is: you do not talk about Rogue Discord. The second rule of Rogue Discord is: you DO NOT talk about Rogue Discord!
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    Spelldmg Rogue ?

    What about this little beauty here http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=3475 ? Supposedly it scales 1:1 with spell power, now wouldnt that be crazy if a meele was hitting u and just killed themself... any info how it worked on nost or how it is going to work on elysium?
  12. Dsl

    Gnome/Goblin balace for Alliance?

    I might aswell spec gnomish engineering since I never have, this post has given decent insight more info can be found here : http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Engineering
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    hello bic boi
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    WTS Copper ore 99s per stack

    Copper ore is nice and all but you better stack up on mithril ore. Thats where the real money is at