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Rollback problem, item lost

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My group and I had just finished running UBRS on the Nostalrius pvp server, upon which the Draconian Deflector dropped. I won the roll and we teleported to orgrimmar. After the rollback at 7:10ish server time, I logged in and still had my Barrier shield from dire maul north trib. Please I can I have my draconian deflector back? A couple of group member names are:

Zulbiken, istayhigh, Whapr 

please and thank you

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Sorry for your loss. The way the Terms of Use is written if you can provide the following evidence which is listed below then contact a GM ingame.

To make a ticket to talk with a gm do the following:  Red question mark, "Stuck", "Still stuck - page a GM", then write their names in the ticket.

III. Character/Currency/Item restoration

Elysium staff will not recover any lost or deleted characters, regardless of circumstances.

Game items such as experience, gold or equipment that you have lost through accident, very rare failure of the server, or otherwise, cannot be restored. There are two exceptions to this:

Unique quest items or keys can be restored with sufficient evidence that the player had previously obtained them.

Raid items with the rarity of Epic and above can be restored in the case of a server crash/roll-back, providing an in-game ticket is sent to us which fulfills the conditions below

a. Exact date of the raid;

b. Video of complete encounter which also shows the raid ID, loot and complete list of raid members;

c. Name of the player who received or should have received the item.

Restoration of any item is always at the discretion of Elysium staff. Falsified information will lead to immediate account closure.


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