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Ban Appeal Information [Read Before Posting]

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This forum is used to appeal any bans on the Elysium realms. Please make sure the follow the instructions below before posting, or your appeal will be locked without reason.

Keep in mind that we do have a volunteer staff. We will get to your appeal in due time, and posting multiple times will only delay your appeals finalization.

If you believe your account may have been compromised, please click this link https://elysium-project.org/password and regain control of your account before posting a ban appeal.

Finally, be aware that MOST bans are final. We are not required to provide evidence, or any information whatsoever, relating to the ban decision. This appeal forum is here because we know we are only human, and mistakes can happen.


Please format your ban appeal with the following information:

Account Name:

E-Mail Associated With Account:

Highest Level Character Name:

Ban Reason/Notes:


Keep in mind that ban appeals that are more than 30 days old will not be reviewed.


Good luck!

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  • Ban appeals require significant time to process and review; Please remain patient through out this period.
  • You may continue to add supporting information to your appeal until the review has been completed.
  • Do NOT harass, insult, or abuse GMs. 
  • Do NOT post repeated 'bumps' or prompts for answers.
  • Do NOT privately message a GM unless explicitly invited to do so. Any updates will be posted to your ban appeal thread.


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