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Arcanite Reaper mats stolen by crafter?

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I have just had a rather unfortunate experience. Last night, right after I gave materials to a BS to make an Arcanite Reaper, they "disconnected". When they returned 20 minutes later, they were in Kargath and said they got hearthed but would return to town to meet me, but then disconnected again and did not return. It's now been 18 hours and I have not received a response to my mail to this player asking to COD the finished Reaper to me for the agreed upon fee. Although I would like to believe this was an honest mistake and a real disconnect issue, the fact that I have received no reply in nearly a day and the timing of his "disconnection" suggests that this may have been a con all along. If this was a con, is there anything I can do to recoup those mats or am I SOL due to one bad egg?


Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum. First time this kind of thing has happened to me after lots of p2p business.




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