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Hive'ashi drone yielding too many items.

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I've allready put it on the bug tracker. But i see people are still abusing it.

I was doing the southwind village quests and i noticed that the mob that spawns after killing the ghosts drops an insane amount of loot, multiple recipes and allways a guaranteed blue and epic item.


I am shocked to see it havn't been fixed, i've spotted multiple brainhackers and elemental staffs and other highly valueable items in the ah which drops from this mob.

This needs a fix as soon as possible, and possible a beating to those WHO have and are abusing it, i'm sure people have mega farmed them and put them on bank alts to allways have a epics to sell at the AH... This needs  a fix as quickly as possible, and rly, have this been a thing since nostalrius release?

7 mobs=10 epics, as you can see in the bag top right.



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Let me correct myself... There is multiple mobs that drops too many items, i tried killing bugs from the other Places in silithus, and i got a bunch of other epics right away.


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