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Bretti1993 Streaming- / Videosection

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Hello Guys!

I'm a World of Warcraft Vanilla, TBC & WotLK addict!

I invest most of my gaming time into TBC servers.

I played my nightelf hunter on Nostalrius PvP once to level 25, transferred it to Anathema...but I wanted to restart on Elysium without being "gear outgapped" that far by time.

Now I am leveling a troll mage on Elysium realm!

You can follow and/or join my journey on Elysium at Youtube if you want, cuz I will stream & upload the whole leveling, playing and someday raiding process on Elysium at my Youtube Channel:

Youtube - Bretti1993

Elysium | Livestream | Replays (Youtube playlist)

Elysium Livestream Replays - YouTube/Twitch feat. Glomnibus & Loriena


If you have vanilla tips & tricks for me, aswell as addon or Interface suggestion, please feel free to comment it and let me know your thoughts! :)



I surely have a TwitchTV Channel too, but I am way more active on Youtube!


Kind regards



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Is it really that hard to find people for a group/dungeon in Vanilla when 4500 players are online, or is there another global channel else than "Lookingforgroup" or "world" that is more common for low level dungeon groups etc.??

Thanks for any tips, because I searched like 1,5 hours for a dungeon group. :(

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