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Olaf the TANK

Where can I find ALL quests including Itemquests?

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I tried out http://db.vanillagaming.org/, and for the normal quests, its super, but it doesnt show me the quests that I get from items.


Im a level 7 Orc Warrior since a couple days, and Im atm still exploring the old school wow, never played vanilla so its all new for me.

Im also a super slow player, I discover and explore (i even found a SHISHA in mulgore lol! have you ever seen a shisha in wow??), and Im playing more as an RP player. No rush or anything. Im not even thiinking about level 60 or raiding atm.


However, as an Orc, my first goal was to meet all major tribes from the horde after passing the Valley of trials. So i traveled to Mulgore (fucking dangerous for a level 6 Orc), and tried to help the tauren and after a bit of exploring, I found a hidden item called "Dirt-stained Map". It gives a quest, but ONLY for tauren. So I was like "Ok, guess its a Tauren-thing".


And thats why I really would like to know about a DB where I can check for everything. Anybody that can help me ?

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