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Banned for what reason? Ely horde.

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I just played a dungeon and when I hearthstone back I wrote a joke in world chat that I sold UBRS Key service for 100g per door open (obviously a joke)?..

And then immediately afterwards, I receive a disconnect and it says that my account is closed down and no longer for use?


I am really curious why because, I have not abused the game in a way that is not intended. I haven't bought any gold nor other third party services. So why the hell am I banned? I've fought hard with gearing my character. Playing nearly every day and just got to receive bis gear and now I can't enjoy it? You expect me to create a new char and do it all over again, then get banned again? Wtf is this. I expect some assistance immediately because this is really unfair. 



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If you have been banned and either do not know the reason, or if you think you have been banned erroneously, you should submit a ban appeal.

BEFORE creating your appeal please read:

Best regards,


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