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Can't decide which playstyle to go with.

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Can anyone shed some light on the pros and cons of the different playstyles. The guide stickied above goes into detail on dual swords and dual daggers, but I have seen people running round with dagger/sword. Is D/S viable and is there a good build for it? I will mostly be solo questing and PvP, dungeons very seldomly. I've heard people say good things about both dual dagger and dual sword. Which would be best for me?

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I just hit level 40 today playing a human and so far I've experimented with both combat and subtlety. Leveling-wise combat swords are the most efficient. Now I didn't say they were necessarily the most fun. I'm personally leveling as subtlety swords using hemo but I started out as combat. Despite combat's effectiveness it just wasn't fun for me. So you have to ask yourself if you care about enjoying the leveling process or do you simply just want to hit 60 as fast as possible. If it's the former then pick whatever spec you want. If it's latter then go combat swords.

As far as choosing between daggers and swords it comes down whether you want to worry about being behind the target or not. With daggers you will use backstab and ambush as much as possible. If you use swords then SS will be your spam attack. Daggers "feels" more like a stealthy assassin while swords feels more like your a leather clad warrior or a swashbuckler. I played subtlety daggers for a while too and I really enjoyed it. It's a bit more challenging to solo quest with but perfectly doable. You'll have to use stuns to get behind the target or learn how strafe back and forth through the target for a backstab. Take your pick.

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