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Carrion Swarmers skinnable? (DM:N)

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Repost from General

Okay, so I've been researching if Carrion Swarmers are skinnable in DM:N and the general consensus is that they are. If this is a bug I'll go report it, but I'm pretty sure it's just another underhanded move to nerf DM farming. I have many issues with this. There are around 3 bug packs of 12 bugs pulled in DM. 36 bugs x 5s each is around 2g less per run. We're talking around 10g less an hour.

Firstly, it wasn't addressed in any patch notes. If we're going to start doing stuff like this without even being up front about it, that's a major trust issue with the community.


Secondly, this isn't a nerf to DM farming, it's a nerf to skinners as we are the only profession affected by this. If this is confirmed, I honestly don't have a reason to keep skinning and can safely go Alchemy or something more useful. 25 dogs per clear isn't justifiable, especially with your continued nerfs to Dire Maul. We picked skinning specifically to make more money off of beast mob kills, that's almost exclusively what the profession exists for.

Thirdly, leather is a needed item, especially once the server hits AQ patch. Leather kits are used for many CC rep quests, the war effort, etc. It is a trade good on par with rune cloth. If we're nerfing leather, nerf all cloth drops, mining nodes and herb spawns to keep in the spirit. Why is skinning focused; it's already one of the lowest gold makers in comparison to the other trades. 


It seems as if this issue has never been addressed by the staff and this point it feels as if it's on purpose. It's time for an official response. With recent actions this post does not belong in Bug Reports at this time.


Method I use, minus being able to skin the bugs obviously.




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