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LF Someone to Update Soundtrack Add on!

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Soundtrack is an add on that was added in TBC I think and it lets you change the music in zones, according to combat, etc. I've made lots of cool changes like adding more immersive ambient sounds in the capital cities with dialogue that make the game feel busy and its awesome. I also had different music for mob combat and bosses which make fighting feel more exciting. Unfortunately this add on does not work in Vanilla and I've looked everywhere for it if someone could please modify it to function with Vanilla it would be awesome. I know there is some final fantasy add on that does something similar but its not customizable and it has limited functions


Play your own mp3s inside the game.

Assign music to entire zones or specific sub zones. The default music still plays in zones for which you do not assign music.

Assign music when battling various levels of mobs, specific named monsters, or elite mobs. Set a different track to trigger at low enemy health for those intense final moments!

Assign music to your pet battles based on battle type, continent, and enemy player or NPC name.

A plethora of events that you can assign music: Victory, Flight, Dance, Stealth, Swimming, Level Up, etc.

Expose the full World of Warcraft score in your library to assign Blizzard's music to your own events.

Can be used as a standard media player. You can create playlists and play them using mini floating playback controls.

Interface to assign music to events. See all your tracks, sortable or filterable by track title, album or artist names.

Custom events allows you to create your own events through lua scripting. Only for very advanced users with scripting knowledge.


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What you share is great, the soundtrack and all that related to it. A very detailed and complete tutorial article.

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