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Upgraded Blue PvP Set on Elysium

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I was sad when they first announced to not give the updated set before aq, because my incentive to play warrior was to do pvp and get to rank 10 on this server so i could have some fun pvp'ing and get a reasonable set to mix with some dungeon gear to do some raids for fun / have gear that lasts a bit longer than pre 60 leveling gear. After the announcement came i was already on the grind somehow and didnt want to stop.

I personaly wouldnt grind to r10 again when the set comes available, be that planned with aq (obv too late to be worth going for) or even now with zg.

For people who start pvping here this might be a nice change and with zg the set items for casters are kinda on par, so the pvp set is not overpowered.

For now im using my gear for style, because lets be honest its good for nothing else. 

Nosts approach was loved by many and hated by some (because they didnt upgrade the r13 set at the same time, the blue set was better).

So updating the blue and epic set at the same time should be the right and only choice, and for that i must say zg might be too soon.

signing out with an unclear oppinion. 

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14000 Views 385 Replies and several completely dodged questions when it comes to PVP Updates in the suggestion forum alone.... Why can't the Staff have a dialog with their players? It doesn't take that many brain cells to know this is a good idea, what will it take to convince you guys? What are your concerns? Think of the benefits! Seriously...

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Still would be worthwhile to implement this 5-8 weeks from the first week of ZG when people hit Exalted and everyone goes back to Raid Logging... hopefully they don't miss out on this opportunity. It would just be really sad to see this server have no PvP relevance for the entirety of its lifetime.

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