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  1. Nost was more stable with 12k than Elysium is with 8k lol
  2. CIA

    AV weekend

    you should've removed the black lotus from av instead of making it bop pre ZG
  3. calm down salty kid why u so triggered
  4. Server first C'thun with population of 500 kek
  5. nah they are busy disabling world buffs for zg
  6. CIA

    pvp delay on elysium

    Can Bhina
  7. You are acting more and more like Blizzard, "world buffs will be disabled" how about people that want the extra challenge dont get world buffs instead? Why do you have to police everything? This server isnt blizzlike like it claims with all the retarded nerfs and custom changes.
  8. CIA

    A suggestion

    remove all meat recipes in cooking
  9. "leave it blizzlike" the server already have lots of custom features so "blizzlike" isn't an argument
  10. CIA

    Elysium - Crashed

    i hope there is no fucking rollback
  11. CIA


    muh honor muh gear, most rankers will get to r14 or r13 and then stop pvping at all just afk in IF,
  12. ban people that make retarded threads like these
  13. CIA


    lol stop bitching it's a pvp server, he banned me from his stream for killing his 60 friend and i didnt even hit him once