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Shell Shield

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I have a turtle from Hillsbrad tamed with Shell Sheild rank1.  How do I learn it so i can go tame a 54 Turtle in azshara.  I killed a bunch of things and waited that silly 3min CD every time.  Can i even do these and am I wasting my time?


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Haven't tried learning that one.  Some pet abilities take longer to learn than others, though.  Nothing you can do but keep using the pet and having it use the ability.  Also, make sure you're in range of your pet while it's using it.

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You don't need to have the Turtle attack anything.

Go find the nearest Inn (wherever you are) and park your Hunter there inside.
Your toolbar should show you your Pet Skills (Attack, Follow, Stay, you know the drill) and on that toolbar you ought to see Shell Shield Rank 1.
Click it.
Watch your pet Glow as they activate Shell Shield.
If you didn't learn the skill on Click then wait 3 minutes to complete the cooldown.
Return to step Click it and wash, rinse, repeat until you do learn the skill.

Feed the Turtle enough food to keep them Yellow on Happiness (Green is nice but not necessary and has no influence on learning skills from Pets) so as to not "waste" food on a Pet you're going to Abandon as soon as you learn their Skill.

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