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  1. Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    Don't leave a butt print impression in the door when you do go. It would be rude.
  2. Getting ganked after logout

    If you aren't logging out inside an Inn or a capital city, blame yourself if you get ganked on a PvP server. "I'm not real good with Cause & Effect. Why is that?"
  3. Improved fishing skill gains?

    Whenever I have to wait at a dock for a boat to arrive or leave, that's when I pull out my fishing rod and fish. I certainly don't "need" the vendor bait fish that I catch, but I certainly do want the skill points that accrue from doing this. By fishing during the few minutes that would otherwise be "wasted time" just standing around doing nothing, I've been able to slowly raise my fishing skill on all of my characters. And by doing it only while waiting for boats, I'm not stuck "grinding" fishing skill for long stretches at a time (which gets mind numbing in a hurry). So it turns into "a little here, a little there" and it all adds up over time. Once I get to my destination, I'll cook and vendor bait the fish I caught so they don't clog up my inventory. Special fish, like Firefin Snappers, get mailed off to my Alchemist for conversion into reagents.
  4. Elune's Spirit Guide (21/25/5 Night Elf Priest)

    Okay, so I have a hypothesis for what's going on with the Wand damage tooltip display, but it requires suspension of disbelief in Wrong™. So there's different caclulations going on in different places for different things, is the explainer I can come up with. Obviously I haven't exactly got a wide variety of cases to choose from in my data sample, but the following notion is congruent with the results. For Wand minimum damage, take the actual weapon minimum damage and then "normalize" the Spell Power over 10 seconds (DoT behavior precedent) while also factoring in weapon speed. You wind up with something that looks like: Base Weapon Minimum Damage + (Spell Power / Weapon Speed / 10) = Minimum Damage displayed on Character screen (drop fractions) Plugging in the values known, we get the following: Gravestone Scepter: 30 + (36/1.5/10) = 30 + 2.4 = 32 Consecrated Wand: 20 + (35/1.2/10) = 20 + 2.92 = 22 As shown above, the Gravestone Scepter and Consecrated Wand show that they have a damage output of 32-60 and 22-41 respectively, so the minimum damage matches observation (assuming the character sheet calculations are correct in the first place). For Wand maximum damage, do something almost exactly the same as the minimum damage, except drop the weapon speed divisor, like so: Base Weapon Maximum Damage + (Spell Power / 10) = Maximum Damage displayed on Character screen (drop fractions) Plugging in the values known, we get the following: Gravestone Scepter: 57 + (36/10) = 57 + 3.6 = 60 Consecrated Wand: 38 + (35/10) = 38 + 3.5 = 41 As shown above, the Gravestone Scepter and Consecrated Wand show that they have a damage output of 32-60 and 22-41 respectively, so the maximum damage matches observation (assuming the character sheet calculations are correct in the first place). So that makes sense of the 32-60 and 22-41 displays for damage, but doesn't make any sense out of the hover tooltips showing 1-24 +36 and 1-6 +35. In this case, I'm reasonably sure the cause is bad/lazy programming on Blizzard's part. The two Wands shown have minimum damages of 30 and 20 respectively, but the Spell Power being added exceeds both of these values (36 and 35 respectively). The mousehover tooltip must be doing something absurd, like SUBTRACTING 36 from 30 as well as subtracting 35 from 20 ... getting a negative number ... and then just assigning a value of 1 to the minimum damage if Spell Power exceeds the base minimum damage of the Wand. This ought to then be why both Wands show a minimum damage of 1 in both hover tooltips. Even when factoring in the 32-60 and 22-41 displayed damage values, 32<36 and 22<35, so in both cases the minimum damage in the hover tooltip winds up being 1. The maximum damage calculation must then also be similarly compromised/borked/poorly implemented (presumably by Blizzard). In this case, we can confirm that the game is simply working backwards from the maximum damage display of 60 and 41, straight SUBTRACTING the Spell Power and then using the result as the maximum damage value in the hover tooltip. Thus ... 60-36=24 for the 1-24 +36 display ... and 41-25=6 for the 1-6 +35 display. Which is just ... Whacktastic ... on multiple levels.
  5. Elune's Spirit Guide (21/25/5 Night Elf Priest)

    So my Night Elf Priest just reached Level 34 (yay!). I went to train and respec and then after switching into a 0/25/0 build to completely fill out 5/5 Spiritual Guidance, I went to go and look at my Wand damage in the character screen and found ... well ... this ... ... and I was just like ... "Wait, what?" How is having +36 Spell Power (from 144 Spirit divided by 4 equals 36 thanks to Spiritual Guidance) winding up SUBTRACTING damage off my Wand? Why is it that 30-57 damage turns into 1-24 +36 damage when Spell Power gets added in ... especially since that calculates out to being 37-60 damage (1+36 to 24+36), but then the Damage display is showing 32-60 instead of 37-60. What kind of math is going on behind the tooltip calculator shown here? And then, just to do a cross-comparison, I tossed in a different Wand that I'd just gotten off the Worgen in the Woods quest (since I hadn't disenchanted or sold it yet), and it seemed even weirder. Okay, I get that the 25% of Spirit as Spell Power calculation is an Integer based calculation (144/4=36.0 vs 143/4=35.75=35 for the display) ... but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on with the damage calculation for the Consecrated Wand? 1-6 +35 winds up being 36-41 damage, not the 20-38 damage advertised on the item, but then the Damage display shows 22-41 instead of 36-41 so ... HUH?? There has got to be some legacy vanilla source that figured this out over a decade ago. Anyone know where to find it?
  6. Change servers?

  7. How useful is Fel Concentration in PVP?

    Nightfall procs off Corruption AND Drain Life. If you're going all the way down to Nightfall in the Affliction tree, and you're wanting to PvP, then it would be prudent to spend 5 talent points on Improved Corruption to reduce the casting time for Corruption from 2 seconds down to Instant cast. Considering that Drain Life falls under the heading of Tracers Work Both Ways™ as far as telegraphing your location AND what you're doing to everyone nearby (an important consideration in Battleground PvP) and the relatively obvious conclusion is that if you're looking to proc Nightfall in PvP, use "Instant" cast Corruption to proc Nightfall for you, not Drain Life. Things are different (slightly) in 1v1 PvP and Dueling, but even then, you really aren't well served by channeling a spell for 5 seconds if your opponent has any kind of interrupt/stun type of ability, for what I would hope should be self-servingly obvious reasons.
  8. Getting ganked after logout

    Let me guess. You're not playing on Darrowshire, are you?
  9. demon hunters in vanilal ?

  10. Huntsr class question Class quests at Levels 1, 10, 50 and 60.
  11. Arcane Spirit Power (exploiting the 5 Second Rule)

    Haven't actually tried it out in actual gameplay yet, so everything is pure theory at this point. But my Mage is Level 33 and as soon as I hit Level 34 and return from the "field" to train I'll be using a respec to switch into the 31/18/2 spec plan but look like a 12/13/0 build at Level 34. Once I have something to report from that experience, I'll post it here.
  12. How useful is Fel Concentration in PVP?

    In PvP, channeling ANY spell for longer than 3 seconds is just asking to be horribly maimed. Next question.
  13. Race selection

  14. Powershift macro

    If you use the CastModifier addon, you could do something where do set conditionals on what the macro does depending on which Form you're in. So basically something like this: Bear Form macro /cast [stance:0] Bear Form; [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form What this does is when you're in (basic) Caster Form it'll shift you in to Bear Form (or edit for Dire Bear Form once you reach that level). If you're already in Bear Form, the macro does nothing. If you're in any of the other Forms, it'll CANCEL that other Form to return you to Caster Form. That way, spamming the "correct" button for any form will only toggle that particular Form ON but won't toggle it OFF. If you want to toggle a Form OFF, simply hit any of the OTHER Forms than the one that you're in (so any of the "wrong" Forms) to cancel your current Form and return to Caster Form. After that, you just wash/rinse/repeat to shuffle through all the other Form macros to do the same thing. Aquatic Form macro /cast [stance:0] Aquatic Form; [stance:1] Bear Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form Cat Form macro /cast [stance:0] Cat Form; [stance:1] Bear Form; [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:4] Travel Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form Travel Form macro /cast [stance:0] Travel Form; [stance:1] Bear Form; [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form Moonkin Form macro /cast [stance:0] Moonkin Form; [stance:1] Bear Form; [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form Click once to turn on. Click multiple times and it'll stay on. Click something ELSE to turn a Form off. This means that if you're wanting to CHANGE Forms, simply double click the the keybind for the Form you want to change TO and have done with it, and if you triple click (or more) you won't be shifted out of the Form you wanted to be in. If you want to be in Caster Form, simply click ONCE on any Form other than the one you're in to cancel/toggle off your current Form.